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The San Diego Workforce Partnership is seeking a qualified firm, organization, partnership, or individual consultant to provide revenue maximization consulting services for projects including, but not limited to, our CalFresh Employment & Training (E&T) partnership with the County of San Diego. Under this project, the Workforce Partnership works with partners to identify eligible non-federal costs claimable under CalFresh E&T, submit invoices and claims to the county, then reimburses non-profit partners for 50% of the eligible costs claimed.

To date, the Workforce Partnership has submitted claims of over $320,000 to the County of San Diego with 3 partner agencies.

While continuing to expand the number and amount of claims with external partners, the Workforce Partnership is beginning to explore claims for non-federal projects administered internally. Increasingly, we are securing non-federal funds and would like to maximize the revenue and claimable expenses from internal grants. Most notably, we have launched a $5M Income Share Agreement (ISA) Fund, which is 100% non-federal and will cover the costs of E&T eligible activities.

We are almost done with the fundraising for this $5M fund and have plans for a $10M fundraise of non-federal money in 2021, among other projects. We’d like to get the claiming infrastructure in place quickly to maximize revenue from these non-federal program investments we are making, increasing the number of eligible San Diego residents to sign up for CalFresh food assistance, and create more financially viable programs.

Key Dates

  • Request for Bids Release : April 11, 2019
  • Responses due : April 30, 2019, 11:59 p.m. PST.
  • Estimated project start : June 1, 2019
  • Estimated year 1 contract period : June 1 2019 – May 31 2020, with 4 option years.

Project Scope

This procurement is designed to retain the services of an organization or individual to providing ongoing revenue maximization services on a contingency basis.

Broadly, the Workforce Partnership is looking for a long term partner to maximize reimbursement claims for eligible, non-federal programs through the CalFresh E & T program.

Specific tasks of the project will be based on initial planning meetings with the Workforce Partnership staff and the expertise of the bidder with the goal of maximizing the amount of allowable, compliant claims the Workforce Partnership submits to the County of San Diego, but could include:

  • Reviewing claiming procedures and recommending and implementing changes to optimize the process;
  • Reviewing and reworking customer intake forms;
  • Implementing ‘nudge’ concepts to increase the number of customers who sign up for CalFresh / CalFresh E & T;
  • Reviewing/improving internal accounting practices to optimize claiming process;
  • Preparing and submitting claims to the county;
  • Identifying and targeting non-federal programs for claiming;
  • Automating processes to maximize participation and claims on expenses from third parties;
  • Structuring strategic partnerships and data sharing agreements with third parties that are spending large amounts of non-federal money in SNAP E & T activities.
  • Other activities that maximize the amount of allowable, compliant claims SD Workforce submits to the County of San Diego.


In no more than 5 pages, please respond to the following questions and return via email to before April 30, 11:59 p.m. PST, 2019. No exceptions.

  1. Please describe your firm and lead staff’s qualifications and experience
  2. Please describe your approach to revenue maximization
  3. Please outline your experience working with local government and with San Diego County, if application.
  4. Please describe specific tools, frameworks, and/or curriculum you plan to use to manage the projects
  5. Please describe how you will keep PII data secure and confidential.
  6. Fee structure – The Workforce Partnership is looking for bidders who will work on a contingency fee as a percentage of the revenue successfully claimed and paid by the county of San Diego to SD Workforce. Please provide your proposed fee percentage. SD Workforce will consider tiered fees and/or a straight line percentage.

To fully comprehend the information contained within a response to this RFB, the reviewing group may seek further clarification on any or all responses. Clarifications may be requested in the form of verbal

communication via telephonic, electronic e-mail communication or a request for an in-person presentation of the response.

RFB respondents who may be invited to present their response to the reviewing committee must be willing to do so with no expectation of reimbursement. The purpose of in-person review presentations would be to seek further clarification of information contained within the response.

If you have questions about this RFB, please submit them to and we will respond within 3 business days.

**Please note**

  • The Workforce Partnership will not reimburse submitters for any costs associated with a vendor’s response to this RFB.
  • This RFB does not obligate the Workforce Partnership to enter into a contract with one or more bidders.


  1. Workforce Partnership CalFresh E & T operating procedures (link here)
  2. Current E&T Eligibility checklist (link here)
  3. Sample CalFresh E&T invoice (link here)
  4. CalFresh E & T State Plan and Resources (link here)
  5. Overview of the SNAP E & T Program from National Skills Coalition (link here)
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