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The San Diego Workforce Partnership (SDWP) is seeking the support of a qualified vendor to provide wireless technology and installation.

SDWP is seeking bids from firms, partnerships, independent contractors/consultants, and other qualified entities to provide wireless technology and installation. 

Further details are discussed in the attached RFQ. 

Email your quote to by February, 28 2018 before 4pm. with the subject of the email titled, “Wireless Technology and Installation RFQ — [name of bidder] response”.


Responses to Submitted Questions:

There were some questions during the site walks about certain areas not being in scope for Wi-Fi, particularly at the Oceanside location.  Can you please update the floor plans provided with specific areas highlighted that require coverage?  Respondents should assume all areas are in scope for the purposes of the quote. 

Is there a plan to refresh the LAN/WAN solution in place between the SDWP locations?  Yes, see the open procurement for Telecommunications Infrastructure

Is there a plan to refresh the Internet in place at the SDWP locations?  Yes, see the open procurement for Telecommunications Infrastructure

If Internet will be shared with the wired network, what type of interface & integration will be required?  Respondents should propose what they believe is the best solution.  Note that internet services are also an open procurement; please see Telecommunications Infrastructure

Should the Wi-Fi backhaul Internet circuit be included in the RFP, or just the Wi-Fi hardware, installation, & maintenance?   No, Internet services are also an open procurement; please see Telecommunications Infrastructure

What is the headcount (staff/contractors) for the job centers:

Site Name







1949 Avenida Del Oro

Suite 106






1111 Bay Blvd

Chula Vista





4389 Imperial Ave

San Diego




Actuals listed above based on number of accounts.  Proposals should take into consideration that SDWP and other partners visit the sites and would also make use of the wifi.  Additionally, proposals should take into account the need for a guest network to accomodate use by participants.  Collectively, the three sites experience approximately 40,000+ in-person visitors annually.

It was mentioned during the site walks that a leased/managed solution is an option.  Please provide any comments to this type of solution.  SDWP is looking for equipment leased/purchased options.  Respondents should propose the model which they believe will best serve the needs of the SDWP organization based on site size, configuration, and number of annual visits.  Respondents must clearly state what, if any, costs will require an initial capital investment (e.g. equipment purchase) versus labor for installation and/or ongoing support, maintenance, and service fees

Are we planning to use existing network switches for the access points?  Yes.  For additional information on SDWP’s existing network infrastrcuture, see the RFP for Telecommunications Infastrcuture

What is the internet bandwidth at each location?  SDWP is in the process of procuring new internet service.  For information on the expected bandwidth by location, see the RFP for Telecommunications Infastrcuture

The PDF sent referenced attached Floor Plans but none were attached.  Will these be sent?  Floor plans are available on the left side of the web page, immediately above the RFQ document.

Given the short time to acknowledge/attend the walk-thru may we ask SDWP to arrange for another such session?  A second walk-thru will not be arranged at this time. 

Are the SDWP switches capable of providing PoE of at least 15.4W (or more) of power for the access points? Each location has a Cisco WS-C2960x-48lps-l  switch capable of providing 370 watts. 

Will the bidder need to install any new circuits or will the existing circuits be used? Respondent will not be responsible for installing new circuits. 

What type of security is needed for new SDWP WiFi network? Respondent should propose a recommended set of security solutions which are compliant with standard enterprise security.  Solutions must include: 802.1x, native Active Directory integration and radius server integration, ability to isolate guests onto an isolated guest network

The provided floor plans/drawings are not clear, is it possible to send us same drawings but with better resolution?  Unfortunately, we do not have drawings at a higher resolution. 

Does SDWP retain vendors’ client references in strict confidence or are client references made public with RFQ responses?  It is our policy to retain confidentiality; the only exception would be if SDWP received a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for the information and was legally compelled to share the information.   All client confidential information should be marked as such.  More information on FOIA is available at

Are the required cables for the AP’s ready or the cabling work will be required as well?  There will be new cabling work required to install the APs and that should be included in the quote.

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