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The career centers empower job seekers to meet the current and future workforce needs of employers in San Diego County. We exist to help you find the intersection of what you love to do, what you can be paid for and what both you and local employers need. We offer job search and career development resources to all San Diego County job seekers 14 and older, regardless of income or background, at no cost to you. If you are between the ages of 14–26, please visit our services for young adults here.  

Some of those resources include: 

  • Job placement 
  • Paid internships 
  • Career exploration 
  • Workshops 
  • Assistance in obtaining post-secondary degrees and/or industry-recognized certification 
  • Scholarships for education and training programs 
  • Skills assessment 
  • Mentorships 
  • Labor market information 

Who It's For

  • All San Diego County residents with emphasis on individuals who are unemployed or underemployed

This program offers help:

  • Deciding what career is right for me
  • With starting school or a certificate program
  • Finding a temporary job or internship
  • Finding a long-term job
  • Learning new job skills
  • Connecting to other workforce programs and services

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Read about job seekers’ experiences with the career centers:

Finding a new direction with the Workforce Partnership career centers

After losing her job as a protective service worker, Diana Lopez, became a member of the North County Career Centers, where she sought out training and found more resources than she expected. Read on as Diana tells in her own words how the career center workshops and services helped her land a new job.

Employment Recovery Initiative helps veteran find quality job

Daniel Maclean is a veteran who had a difficult time finding employment in the civilian workforce. His more than 15 years employment experience and 20-year military career as a Navy Seal were simply not landing him a job in what turned out to be a very different job market than he was used to. Then he found the Workforce Partnership.

Heather and her 18-year-old son
One determined San Diego mom fights on through loss and pandemic to provide for her family

This year turned Heather Villegas’ life upside down. The unexpected loss of her husband as well as her job and health due to COVID-19 left her struggling to provide for her three children on her own. Hearing about the career centers On-the-Job Training was a turning point for her. Read on as Heather tells her story in her own words.

Employment Recovery Initiative bootcamp helps participant find the perfect fit

Aron Steck had nearly 40 years of experience before he found himself unemployed. He was having a hard time finding a job and enrolled in the Employment Recovery Initiative (ERI) bootcamp earlier this year. Here, Aron tells us about his experience, road to employment and how the ERI bootcamp changed his perspective.

Molly 2
Youth evaluator position leads to career path for this college student

Current college student lands a temporary job that leads to her finding her career path and field of study. She says her decision was influenced by her experience as an RFP evaluator with the San Diego Workforce Partnership.

Richard Clinton
Veteran finds work in 6 weeks after layoff

Having received unemployment and disability insurance for two years in 2012 after being laid off from a different job, this time Richard was determined to go to the South County Career Center every day to use the computer resources and attend workshops on everything from resume writing to job interview skills.

Rahmatullah Mokhtar Irc Scaled
War interpreter becomes IRC client, employment specialist

Rahmatullah, who speaks Farsi (his native tongue), English, Pashto (spoken in Afghanistan) and Urdu (spoken in Pakistan and India), worked as an interpreter for the U.S. Armed Forces in Afghanistan for nearly three years.

Veteran lands driving job with speedy training

Jessie Island is a decorated veteran and a father to a 4-year-old son. Until recently, Jessie was looking for a better paying job and was in dire need of a special driver’s license that would give him the salary and benefits he needs to support his family.

Pamela Olvera Northside Shack
Single mom uses free training to switch careers

Four years ago, Pamela Olvera visited the South County Career Center and tapped into available funding for training to pursue her passion of cooking. She used the funding for culinary school, and now owns a cafe in Point Loma called the Northside Shack.