Issuance Number: 2023-02

Date: February 28, 2023

To: WIOA Title I Service Providers and staff

From: Shaina Gross, VP of Client Services

Subject: Operations Manual Update: Chapter 7, Part I: WIOA Title I Eligibility (Adult/DW) & Attachments


This operations issuance is to notify Workforce Partnership (SDWP) subrecipients of changes to the Operations Manual: Chapter 7. Part 1: WIOA Title I Eligibility (Adult and Dislocated Worker). Updates to the chapter and attachments were made to align with recent updates to state and local policies. 


Below is a summary of updates. Eligibility Staff should review the referenced chapter and the attachments for details. Updates to the chapter and attachments were made to align with the EDD directives.  


  • Updated Section I.H: Program Match Finder (PMF) and Objective Assessment (OA)
    • Added language regarding the purpose and requirement of PMF
    • Added reference to Chapter 4, Part 2 for the PMF and OA policy and process 
  • Updated Section II., B. Customer Rights Notices
    • Added Customer Code of Conduct Policy Acknowledgement Form
  • Updated Section II., C: WIOA Application and Participant Process 
    • The Title I WIOA Application in CalJOBS must be signed 
    • The WIOA Application needs to be signed by all new enrollments starting on March 1st 
      • This includes customers with eligibility in progress if the Title I application has not yet been completed by 3/1/23 
    • Instructions for how to obtain the signature will be added to Chapter 5 and also provided to subrecipients and staff in training 
  • Updated Section II.E Eligibility Certification Review Form (ECRF)
  • Added reference to Attachment – Adult Income Calculation Form
    • Used when calculating low-income status using family size and income based on LLSIL.
  • Clarification (Multiple sections) on completion of eligibity certification
    • Updated sections include: ECRF, UPAF, MCRF, Applicant Statements, and telephone verification
    • Forms used to certify eligibility must be completed on or prior to the WIOA application date and the participation date. 
      • Eligibility certification is good for 90 days, so once completed, staff can complete the WIOA application and participation form up to 90 days after the eligibility date on the ECRF. 
      • The WIOA application and participation form need to be completed prior to the ECRF expiration date. 
      • Updated Section II.B Customer Rights Notice
  • Updated Section II.I Re-enrollment
    • A re-enrollment is only required for participants who have an active WIOA application in CalJOBS and who are receiving Follow-Up services.
      • Approval on re-enrollment is on a case-by-case basis 
      • Should benefit the participant; staff should assess the participant prior to re-enrollment and submit the Attachment – Re-Enrollment Request Form 
      • Removal of specific criteria 
      • Participants who re-enroll are counted twice in performance 
  • Updated Section IV. Social Security Number (Data Validation Only)
    • Reworded for clarity  
  • Updated Section IV. D Selective Service Registration
    • Updated guidance to prove failure to register
      • Removed written explanation requirement which now superseded by the newly added WSD16-18, Attachment 1 – Selective service Failure to Register Self-Attestation Statement which must be completed to determine if the individual “knowingly or willfully” failed to register with Selective Service.
  • Updated Section IV. E Priority of Service for Veterans and Eligible Spouses
    • Reworded for clarity
    • Definitions and guidance were updated to align with EDD Directive WSD19-04
  • Updated definitions for covered person, veterans, eligible spouse, and non-covered person
  • Updated Section V. WIOA Title I Eligibility Criteria
    • Reorganized and updated the title Section V. A. Adult Eligibility Criteria  
  • Removed section V., A., 2., b) Determining Employed Adult Income Status 200% LLSIL and replaced with b) Determining Self-Sufficiency for Employed Adults 100% LLSIL
        • Added the following sections with definitions:
          • Section V., B., 2., B. Recipient of Public Assistance
          • Section V., B., 2., C. Free or Reduced Lunch
          • Section V., B., 2., D. Other Adult Eligibility
            • a) Basic Skills Deficient
            • b) Homeless
            • c) Foster Care
            • d) Individual with Disabilities
  • Updated Section V., A., 3. Adult Program Priority of Services
    • Section title was updated
    • Definitions and guidance updated to align with EDD Directive WSDD-228
    • Added requirement to meet a minimum 75 percent priority of service rate of individuals in an individualized career or training service.
  • Updated Section V., B. Dislocated Worker
    • Reorganized and updated the title Section V. A. Dislocated Worker Eligibility Criteria (categories remained the same)
    • Updated Section V., B., 3. Unlikely to Return the definition and criteria
  • Removed the following sections
    • Obtaining Confidential UI Data for Dislocated Workers
    • Layoffs, Furloughs, Temporary Layoffs and Lockouts
    • Employed Dislocated Worker Self-Sufficiency Guidelines
    • Employed Dislocated Worker Wage Exceptions


The following attachments were updated and/or added: 

  • Eligibility Certification and Review Form (ECRF) 
    • Updated to reflect changes made to the Table of Documentation 
  • Universal Participation Agreement Form (UPAF) 
    • Updated language 
    • Updated section on release of records 
    • Removal of emergency contacts  
  • Methods for Calculating Income (Low Income Determination) 
    • Added: Adult Income Calculation Form 
  • Table of Documentation to Establish WIOA Title I Eligibility (Adult/DW) 


Effective March 1, 2023, all WIOA Title I providers are required to follow the updated policies and procedures in the chapter indicated above for all new enrollments. Subrecipients and staff are required to review the entire Chapter and Attachments. 

Subrecipients must attend the scheduled “WIOA Eligibility Training” on March 8th. Each subrecipient must have a minimum of one staff member in attendance. 


  1. To access the chapters and their attachments, go to org and click on the collapsed menu icon located on the top right-hand side of the webpage.
  2. Click on “Operations Resources” section.
  3. Click on “Operations Manual” to see the list of chapters and operational issuances.
  4. Click on “Chapter 7.  Part 1: WIOA Title I Eligibility (Adult/DW) | Attachments” to view the policy and attachments.