Issuance Number: 2022-12

Date: September 30, 2022

To: WIOA Title I Service Providers & Staff

From: Shaina Gross, VP of Client Services

Subject: Objective Assessment Process Update - Program Match Finder


This operations issuance is to notify Youth Service Providers and Workforce Partnership Staff of the updated process for conducting and recording the Objective Assessment (OA) during the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) intake process. The OA is required for all WIOA Title I programs.

Summary of Updates:

Below is a summary of updates. Subrecipient should review the referenced chapters for details.

  1. Subrecipients and staff must begin the OA process by completing a referral through Program Match Finder (PMF). PMF collects information that is a required part of the OA and is stored in the Partner Portal.
  2. All WIOA Title I staff and subrecipients must conduct the OA for all new enrollments through the Partner Portal beginning on October 3rd.
  3. Subrecipients and staff should no longer use the CalJOBS OA for new enrollments after October 3rd.
    1. Any enrollments prior to October 3rd, should be completed and saved in CalJOBS.
    2. If an OA was started before October 3rd, but not completed, it should be updated and completed in CalJOBS.
  4. Subrecipients and staff should reference their respective Chapter 4 for the policy and process regarding the OA.
  5. The OA may be completed 30 days prior, and up to 30 days post-enrollment. It can be started before or during the eligibility process and prior to completing the WIOA application. This should help streamline the intake process. Staff can use the participant information in the Partner Portal to complete eligibility and the WIOA application.
  6. The attached case note to the OA activity on the participation form should indicate that the OA was started/completed in the participant’s intake record in the Partner Portal.
  7. Additional activity codes should be opened if the OA needs to be completed or updated while working with the participant on their IEP/ISS. It must be completed within 30 days of enrollment.


Effective October 3, 2022 all subrecipients and staff are required to follow the updated policies and procedures indicated above as outlined in the Operations Manual. Subrecipients and staff are required to review the Chapter and training guides provided in order to implement these changes.

If you have any feedback or questions regarding this issuance, contact your Program Specialist.


  1. Operations Manual – To access the chapters and their attachments, go to org and click on the collapsed menu icon located on the top right-hand side of the webpage.
    1. Click on “Operations Resources” section.
    2. Click on “Operations Manual” to see the list of chapters and operational issuances.
    3. Click on “Chapter 4, Part 1 & 2” to view the policy.
  1. Click on “Resources” in the Partner Portal to view links to policy, guidance, and training materials related to this Issuance.