Issuance Number: 2022-10

Date: June 30, 2022

To: SDWP Youth Service Provider (YSP) Subrecipients, SDWP Staff

From: Shaina Gross, Vice President of Client Services

Subject: Operations Manual Update: Chapter 4. Part 2 & Attachments


This operations issuance is to notify Workforce Partnership (SDWP) subrecipients of changes to the Operations Manual: Chapter 4, Part 2 – Title I WIOA Youth Program Activities. Updates to the chapter and attachments were made to align with state and local policy changes.

Summary of Updates:

Below is a summary of updates. Subrecipient should review the referenced chapter and the attachments for details.


  • New Section I.A.d: Link to CFRs.
    • The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) is the official legal print publication containing the codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register by the departments and agencies of the Federal Government.
  • New Section II.C.1: Referral Tracking
    • Subrecipients will be required to track both in-network (internal) and out-of-network (external) referrals through a combination of platforms, including CalJOBS and the Partner Portal.
  • Update Section III.D: Objective Assessment
    • Adding references to Program Match Finder (August Implementation)
    • The OA must be conducted within 30 days prior or post enrollment and must be completed prior to providing program services (can be completed during eligibility and inform Track enrollment)
      • The process will be updated in August to allow for the flexibility to complete the OA
    • The subrecipient must ensure that the OA has a corresponding WIOA application number.
  • Clarification Section III.D.2.: EFL
    • EFL tests must have their own OA activity code separate from the Objective Assessment.
  • Clarification Section IV.B: Basic and Essential Skills Training (BEST)
    • All youth participants must be aware of and have the opportunity to participate in BEST, which would include service strategies around the 14 WIOA Youth Program Elements and subsequent stipends and incentives; however, BEST is not required for participation in the WIOA youth program.
    • Stipends: Youth will be paid for participation in up to 30 total units within the BEST tiers. Refer to ATTACHMENT –STIPEND & INCENTIVE POLICY for participant payment requirements on stipends & incentives for BEST
    • Incentives: Youth will receive a stackable work-readiness certification for completion of each of the tiers. YSP should use this certification to highlight skills on the participants resume, job applications, school applications, and other activities. Refer to ATTACHMENT –STIPEND & INCENTIVE POLICY for participant payment requirements on stipends & incentives for BEST. Participation in BEST must be completed prior to program closure.
  • Update Section IV.D: Incentives
    • Incentives may only be in the form of check, direct deposit, digital money transfer, or gift card;
    • WIOA funds may not be used to pay for fees related to incentives, including gift card activation fees and digital funds transfers.
  • Update Section IV.E: Stipends
    • Required documentation: Proof of payment by either a copy of the check, pay stub, direct deposit or digital funds transfer, or ledger if none of the other proof of payments are available
    • Stipends that exceed $600 or more in a calendar year are considered taxable income and the subrecipient is required to provide the participant appropriate tax forms in order to complete their annual tax returns.
  • Clarification Section IV.F.4: Subsidized Work Experience
    • More than 240 hours requires written approval from SDWP.
      • For approval for extension, the work duties being assigned and the work experience gained from the internship would require that the participant to be there longer than 6 weeks before finding permanent employment. An example of an approved extension would be if the participant was required internship hours to obtain a certification or if the workplan showed measurable skills that go beyond the cap.
    • Work experiences are considered wages paid and the appropriate taxable withholdings must be made on each work experience payment based on the W-4. The subrecipient is also responsible for providing the participant year-end tax documentation in order to complete their annual tax returns.
    • Proof of payment may be documented by either a copy of the check, pay stub, direct deposit or digital funds transfer, or ledger if none of the other proof of payments are available
  • Update Section IV.G: Training Services
    • Eligible youth can access training funds only through dual-enrollment through the AJCCs, unless specifically budgeted in the Subrecipient Contract – Budget. YSPs must follow SDWP Operations Manual, Chapter 4, Part 3: WIOA Title I Training Services for all Title I training programs, regardless of funding source used. Additionally, the training program must be approved and published to the Partner Portal by SDWP.
  • Update Section V.D: Dual and Co-Enrollments
    • Dual-Enrollment Coordination
      • The ORIGINAL Provider is the provider who has completed pre-screening and WIOA eligibility for the participant; this provider will initiate the dual enrollment process
      • The REQUESTING Provider is the provider requesting enrollment into their program as a benefit to the participant. The original provider may have sent a referral for dual enrollment to the requesting provider.
    • The Dual-Enrollment Process was updated based on the update above


The following attachments were added:

  • Stipend & Incentive Policy


Effective July 1, 2022 all WIOA youth providers are required to follow the updated policies and procedures in the chapter indicated above. Subrecipients and staff are required to review the entire Chapter and Attachments.

If you have any feedback or questions regarding this issuance, contact your Program Specialist.


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