Issuance Number: 2022-05

Date: March 18, 2022

To: WIOA Adult Career Center Staff 

From: Shaina Gross, Vice President of Client Services

Subject: VOSGreeter Usage Requirement Update


This operations issuance is to notify Workforce Partnership WIOA Adult Career Center staff of the requirements of using VOSGreeter. 


The Workforce Partnership issued Operations Issuance: 2021-14, where effective Tuesday, April 21st, 2020, Career Centers were required to use VOSGreeter to record visitor traffic. This would have allowed us to track the number of individuals virtually visiting the Career Centers, and the purpose of their visit. This issuance is no loner active.   

The Workforce Partnership has recently implemented Zendesk to document incoming calls to career center front desks using the (619) 319-WORK call queue. 


Effective Monday, March 21, 2022, Service Navigators and Resource Room Specialists are no longer required to use VOSGreeter for documenting calls to career center front desks received via the (619) 319-WORK call queue, so long as those same calls are now documented in Zendesk. However, all in-person visits to the San Diego Career Centers will continue to be tracked using VOSGreeter. 

Also, to better reflect the remote environment participants are being served in and as we see that less participants are walking through a building to receive career services (individualized services) and more customers are accessing services virtually it is now expected that staff record these “visits” in their case notes. Case Management staff no longer have to record direct calls from participants as visits in VOSGreeter. However, all direct calls must be recorded through an activity code and/or case note and must indicate if it was a virtual visit.  

Case Note Example: 

Virtual Visit: On March 18, 2022, John Doe contacted me via phone to discuss a job interview with ABC Company.  I provided tips on how to prepare for the interview. I will follow up with John Doe after the interview date to see how it went.   

If you have any feedback or questions regarding this issuance, contact your Contract Administrator.