Issuance Number: 2021-14

Date: October 8, 2021

To: San Diego Workforce Partnership WIOA Adult Subrecipient

From: Frank Pancucci, Director of Workforce Development

Subject: VOSGreeter Usage Requirement


This operations issuance is to notify Workforce Partnership (SDWP) WIOA Adult subrecipients of the requirement of using VOSGreeter.


The Workforce Partnership provided an update on the website COVID-19 CalJOBS Updates, where Effective Tuesday, April 21st, 2020, Career Centers were required to use VOSGreeter to record visitor traffic. This would have allowed us to track the number of individuals virtually visiting the Career Centers, and the purpose of their visit.

Based on recent VOSGreeter reports we have noticed a significant decrease in VOSGreeter usage. Just like any visit, virtual or someone physically coming into a center, VOSGreeter should be used in the same manner. 

The Workforce Partnership has recently updated and re-arranged the VOSGreeter visit reasons to better reflect the remote environment customers are being served in. We no longer have customers walking through a building to receive services and customers are accessing services in many ways and it is now expected that all staff record these “visits” in VOSGreeter.


This is a reminder that effective Tuesday, April 21st, 2021 the Career Centers were required to begin reusing VOSGreeter to record visitor traffic. Usage will be tacked and reported out quarterly.

If you have any feedback or questions regarding this issuance contact your Contract Administrator.