Issuance Number: 2021-09

Date: August 13, 2021

To: Workforce Partnership WIOA Subrecipients and ETPL Providers

From: Shaina Gross, VP of Client Services

Subject: ETPL, ITA & ATA Policy and Procedures and Exhibits


This operations issuance is to notify Workforce Partnership (SDWP) subrecipients and California (CA) and San Diego (SD) ETPL Training Providers of changes to the Operations Manual: Chapter 4, Part 1 Attachment: ETPL, ITA & ATA Policy and Procedures. Updates to the attachments and exhibits were made during the annual review period as part of the continued eligibility review process. 


Below is a summary of updates. Subrecipients and Training Providers should review the referenced policy for details. 


  • Sections were rearranged, renamed, or formatted for continuity 
  • Sections were updated with eligibility criteria for the CA ETPL and additional eligibility for SD ETPL. Sections include breakouts for each, where applicable. Training Providers must first be eligible for the CA ETPL before consideration of inclusion for the SD ETPL.
    • Programs must be added to CalJOBS for inclusion on the CA ETPL 
    • Request for New Program Form was referenced in both the Training Program Approval and Update Process for the SD EPTL 
  • Section II-G – Out of State Training Providers was clarified. 
  • Training Funds Cap was updated 
    • SDWP will pay the total cost of the program up to the maximum training funds cap ($5,000), whichever is less. 
  • Section II-J-2 – Performance Criteria was updated. Performance was moved to an attached exhibit. 
  • Sections II-M, N, O, & P were updated on Denials, Delisting, Appeals, Complaints, and Reactivation 
    • Process for appeals for a denial or delisting of a Training Provider and all complaints will be included in SDWP Operations Manual, Chapter 9 
    • Appeals and Reactivation of Training Programs will be reviewed by the ETPL Coordinator 


  • Section II-B – Partner Responsibilities 
  • Section II-D-10 – Eligibility Documentation 
  • Section II-H – Distance Education Provider 
  • References to the ETPL Eligibility Certification Form for Initial and Continued Eligibility and registration for the CA and SD ETPL. The form submission online requests all required eligibility documentation. Apprenticeship, which are automatically eligible, will fill out relevant sections of the form to receive funding. 

Exhibit Updates 

The following attachments were updated: 

  • In-Demand Occupations List 
    • Criteria was updated for PY22 
    • Eligible occupations were updated for PY22 

The following attachments were added: 

  • ETPL Performance 
    • Includes both CA ETPL Performance and SD ETPL Performance 

 The following attachments were removed: 

  • New Program Request Form (Online submission via the ETPL Training Partners page) 
  • ETPL Application and Acknowledgement Form (Changed to ETPL Eligibility Certification Form and moved to online submission via the ETPL Training Partners page) 
  • Signature Authorization for Training Agreements (Added to the ETPL Eligibility Certification Form) 


Effective August 16, 2021 all training providers are required to follow the updated policies and procedures in the chapter indicated above. The approved SD ETPL will be published to the Partner Portal for access by the Career Centers for participant referrals. A list of approved programs will be available on the ETPL Training Partners page. 

If you have any feedback or questions regarding this issuance, contact the ETPL Coordinator at 


  1. To access the chapters and their attachments, go to and click on the collapsed menu icon located on the top right-hand side of the webpage. 
  2. Click on “Operations Resources” section. 
  3. Click on “Operations Manual” to see the list of chapters and operational issuances. 
  4. Click on “Chapter 4.  Part 1: WIOA Adult and Dislocated Worker Policy and Procedure | Attachments” to view the policy and attachments.