Issuance Number: 2019-04

Date: April 24, 2019

To: Workforce Partnership Subrecipients

From: Vicki Brannock, Director of Programs

Subject: Federal Bonding Program


This informational issuance WSIN 18-17 is to inform Subrecipients of a new program that provides employers with fidelity bonds at no cost as an incentive to employ at-risk job seekers. The America’s Job Center of California (AJCC) staff, comprised of the EDD field staff and Local Workforce Development Area (Local Area) partner staff, collaborate through AJCC locations to provide fidelity bonding service and issue fidelity bonds.


The fidelity bonding procedures outlined in the Federal Bonding Program Directive WSD15-02 require the AJCC staff to mail the Fidelity Bonding Certification Request and Fidelity Bonding Employer Confirmation Letter to the EDD State Bonding Coordinator (SBC).


Effective immediately, Union Insurance Group will only accept Fidelity Bonding Certification Requests through the new online application which requires AJCC staff to follow new procedures as indicated below:

  1. Complete the updated Fidelity Bonding Certification Request (Attachment 1) and Fidelity Bonding Employer Confirmation Letter (Attachment 2).
  2. Scan and email both fidelity bond forms to the SBC at

The Federal Bonding Program Directive WSD15-02 will be revised to reflect the new procedures

and forms. In the meantime, the AJCC staff must follow the new procedures in this notice.


  1. Fidelity Bonding Certification Request
  2. Fidelity Bonding Employer Confirmation Letter

This new requirement is in effect as of the above issuance date and will be included in the next update of the SDWP Operations Manual.

If you have any questions regarding this issuance contact your Contract Administrator at (619) 228-2900.


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