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March 4, 2022

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Growing Fairly: How to Build Opportunity and Equity in Workforce Development is a new book that explores equitable skill building to meet current and future needs of both workers and employers. Written by Kate Markin Coleman and Stephen Goldsmith, the work includes real examples and practical ideas for workforce development professionals, including the San Diego Workforce Partnership.

According to the authors, the principles outlined in the book argue for a more comprehensive view of the skill needs of current and prospective workers. They spell out the attributes of effective programs and make the case for skill-based hiring, widely distributed performance data and collaboration.

The book emphasizes the importance of local action to overcome the structural barriers that challenge even the most determined would-be learners. Growing Fairly shows cross-sector leaders how to work across organizational boundaries to change the trajectory of individuals struggling to make a living wage.

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“Few issues are as important to the success of cities as equitable growth,” says City of San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria, a long-time supporter of workforce development in the region. “Even in a city such as San Diego, fortunate to have a strong economy and a national model for workforce development, upward mobility remains elusive for many. Growing Fairly presents a uniquely valuable set of principles that can help cities make progress toward a brighter future for all residents, leaving no one behind.”

Growing Fairly: How to Build Opportunity and Equity in Workforce Development offers workforce development reforms that meet the needs of both workers and employers. Based on the experiences of hundreds of leaders and workers, the authors set out ten principles for designing a more effective and equitable system that helps workers obtain the skills necessary for economic mobility.

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Some of the Workforce Partnership’s work is included, like our contextualized learning for K-12. Sarah Burns, our director of research application, shares her experience as a teacher and how an early introduction to workforce development can impact students. It also includes our essential skills work with the San Diego County Office of Education.

The book also emphasizes the importance of employer data and relationships to accurately meet labor market needs. Our CEO, Peter Callstrom, shared our approach to creating talent pipelines and working with local leaders.

To read about these concepts and more, purchase a copy of Growing Fairly: How to Build Opportunity and Equity in Workforce Development from Amazon today.

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