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March 9, 2016

Able-Disabled Advocacy (A-DA) has been providing workforce training programs for individuals with disabilities and other barriers to employment since 1975. The goal is to equip individuals with vocational skills needed to gain a meaningful career and financial independence, providing training as well as job placement services.

“Training can offer a serious leg up to someone that might not otherwise have a lot of opportunity,” says Jerry Julian, A-DA IT Instructor. “What we are able to do is create an opportunity that may not otherwise exist for them in San Diego.”

One such program, VetWORKS, trains individuals who have transitioned out of the military within the last four years. Participants choose from a variety of technical training certifications in in-demand skills such as Project Management and Microsoft Office. Training length and format vary depending on the subject matter and the student, ranging from classroom settings to one-on-one lessons taught at a student’s own pace. This custom format is important for veterans looking to train, many of whom work part time, have varying levels of experience and are interested in different fields within the tech space. Students move through training, test prep, certification and job placement all within the VetWORKS program, working alongside a trainer and employment specialist at each step.

But Julian says that the benefits of VetWORKS goes far beyond getting veterans jobs, noting that simply finding a focus and getting a foot in the door has a major impact on the outlook and attitude of people transitioning out of the military. “Many times we meet students who have received misinformation or been steered in the wrong direction,” says Julian. “When were able to do just a little for them and see the impact that has on someone, we know the program is making a difference.”

VetWORKS is currently recruiting veterans to participate in this free program. If you or someone you know are interested in enrolling, please visit or contact Cindy Lennon at (619) 231-5990 ext. 315.

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