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August 7, 2013

Sudberry Properties, a San Diego company that helps create public places for all community members to enjoy, has welcomed an intern to their corporate family through the CONNECT2Careers summer youth employment program.

San Diego resident Krysta Roe is that intern! Krysta has embraced this exciting opportunity and will spend the summer contributing to Sudberry’s vision of shaping the real estate landscape and creating unique projects for their office. The friendly environment of Sudberry Properties and its busy workload has helped Krysta realize her interest in pursuing a career in business. Furthermore, this internship has given her the opportunity to learn and master numerous computer programs and administrative skills that are invaluable to her career aspirations.

Sudberry Properties has proven to hold in high regard youth stewardship and job training within our community!

For more information on how to hire an employee like Krysta, contact Connect2Careers by phone or email, 619.228.2945 |

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