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July 7, 2021

JakeBryan Bonifacio is a full-time student who was looking for experience in the tech field. He discovered TechHire and was placed in an internship at C&N Modular Structures, LLC where he learned about social media, marketing strategies and web development. Through his internship, JakeBryan was able to gain valuable experience that set him on a more defined career path. Here he tells us his story and shares advice for other job seekers.

Prior to the TechHire program, I was having issues with being able to attain a position that aligns with my educational pathway. Being able to connect with employers and prove my skillset was difficult given my ongoing circumstance as being a full-time student. Many employers look for individuals with 2-5 years of experience and additional requirements, which I was unable to provide. But I still elected to pursue alternative solutions and came across TechHire.

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The internship position I was able to attain was an appreciative experience of gaining practical knowledge in working with a small business. I’ve learned how a small business navigates through a challenging pandemic, such as COVID-19, and is still currently learning how to navigate this time period by approaching the market at different levels of perception.

Given the circumstances, I am still learning how the business can market their services with my education, but as every business constantly goes through, operations are an ongoing learning process. I am greatly appreciative with TechHire providing me the opportunity to get my foot in the door to gain professional experience.

For the summer, I am currently a full-time intern with Stanley Black & Decker and will pursue a Master’s Degree in Business Administration for the Fall Semester of 2021 at San Diego State University.

With my current status, I plan to take every opportunity to grow as a marketing specialist and apply my knowledge to the positions I may come across. If the potential opportunity to continue an advanced educational status comes to, I may pursue that route in order to further my knowledge in business with hopes to share my experience to peers and active learners.

My advice for others in internships would be to keep an open-mind and always be willing to learn. Sometimes, we may be discouraged with opportunities that may happen in a way that we would not expect it to, but alternate solutions are always available, if you are willing to go that extra mile to apply your capabilities. Every learned experience is a good experience and to know that you are not alone is this passage to confirmation.

I would like for those who seek a successful internship to take in the wise words of Chadwick Boseman, “Remember the struggles along the way are meant to shape you for your purpose,” as we are not always given a straight path, but we are molded by the situation that is presented to us.

Remember the struggles along the way are meant to shape you for your purpose

Chadwick Boseman
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