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April 1, 2021

Philip White is on the finance team and serves as an accounting specialist at the Workforce Partnership. Here he tells us about himself.  

What is a typical day like for you?  

I usually start out the day with a brisk walk and then I’ll review stock market news, Google News, read the Union Tribune, and scan the Washington Post, New York Times and LA Times. I also write daily reflections in my journal. Then I will log and do the primarily billing work for a number of programs. Then, utilizing Excel and the EDGRANTS City Portal; I will use MIP, our accounting system, to run a variety of financial reports and record many types of journal entries, including monthly journal entry adjustments, and updating our reconciliations. Also, I will attend our finance team meetings twice a week, meet with my supervisor once a week and other meetings as required. Philip White

How has your work changed during the pandemic?   

Quite a bit. Our finance team pre-pandemic was meeting daily, then weekly, or periodically; since the pandemic, our team meets twice a week via Teams, and we have individual meetings via Teams with our supervisors each week. Using Teams to meet has been quite effective, plus being able to share our document screens in Teams has been very useful so overall our team functions just as well, if not better, than pre-pandemic. Also, I go to the office once a week for required in-office tasks, such as remote bank deposits and imports of many large payroll journal entries of thousands of lines each.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working? Any new hobbies since we started working from home? 

I spend a lot of time listening to audiobooks, as well as consuming the massive amounts of programming available on Netflix, Prime, Hulu, et al. Now that we do not go out to plays, restaurants or movies as we did pre-covid, we are spending more time at home exploring these various platforms. Also, there are many excellent podcasts that I subscribe to such as Fresh Air and Mobituaries. These activities are a great source of relaxation and learning. I finally got to see Hamilton on the Disney Network, and for anyone who has not seen it, it is great; it was filmed in front of a wildly enthusiastic audience which made it even better and reminded me of how it feels to see a live theatrical performance at the Old Globe Theater, which I have not done for over a year. 

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