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August 1, 2022

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ServiceNow is a software company that develops a cloud computing platform to help companies manage digital workflows for enterprise operations. TechHire program participants receive training and mentorship through ServiceNow’s NextGen program. They shared with us how NextGen provides technical training, certification and employment opportunities to people with little to no technical skills in cloud computing platforms.

How is Service Now is impacting the community?  

ServiceNow’s NextGen Professionals Program makes the world work by providing opportunities for all. We break down traditional barriers to entry into the ServiceNow job market by empowering people with the skill of tomorrow – whether you have prior technical experience or not, we will train you on ServiceNow platform without cost and provide introductions to ServiceNow employers. Our mission is to open opportunities to those traditionally marginated from technology, focusing on racial equity, gender equity and generational poverty. 

Any partnership highlights you’d like to share?   

NextGen partners with non-profit organizations to help recruit applicants. We are proud to partner with the Workforce Partnership and have put 40 people and counting through the NextGen program. The very first NextGen graduate ServiceNow itself hired was a graduate from a NextGen program in partnership with the Workforce Partnership in May 2020. They continue to work for ServiceNow as a product owner and are a shining star on their team. We look forward to supporting more San Diegans in the years to come.  

How would you like to see San Diego change for the better?  

ServiceNow has deep roots within the San Diego community. We were founded and our original headquarters were located right here. We love the change that is currently happening in San Diego, with the addition of more tech companies coming to the city. Our hope is that the tech companies in San Diego and beyond reflect the demographics in the real world and begin creating more diverse and inclusive environments. 

How can San Diegans get involved?  

San Diegans can get involved one of two ways: 

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