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November 16, 2020


At the San Diego Workforce Partnership, we care deeply about using innovative approaches to meet the needs of San Diego County’s job seekers and employers. In addition to continuous improvement of the services offered at our six career centers, we’re constantly piloting and launching new solutions—like our Workforce Income Share Agreement Fund, which provides an alternative to student loans, or our partnership with Jobs for the Future’s Future of Work Grand Challenge. 

As we’ve expanded our services, the number and breadth of programs we offer has grown exponentially. With the addition of so many programs, we’ve received feedback from job seekers that it can be hard to know which program or service to contact first. Between career centers all around the county, special projects operated with our community partners and direct service programs operated remotely, how do you know which is best fit for your needs? These concerns were only made more urgent as the COVID-19 pandemic increased the digitization of the job process.

Today, we made the answer to that question just a little bit easier with one phone number job seekers can call to learn about all of our service offerings: (619) 319-WORK (9675).

Job seekers who call (619) 319-WORK will be directly connected to a representative who can help them evaluate all the resources available at the Workforce Partnership and transfer them to the right service—no complicated phone menus to go through, and no long lists of programs and phone numbers to scroll down.   

This is just one part of a larger initiative at the Workforce Partnership to make our services more integrated and accessible to San Diego County job seekers—including the customer chat bot and our on-demand training library. In the coming months, we’ll also be expanding our website with a tool for job seekers to self-schedule appointments with a career agent and an automated program and service recommender on our website—providing job seekers with self-directed access to the same tools our staff are using when they answer (619) 319-WORK. 

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