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May 30, 2022


Robert Stocking wanted to take his real estate building compliance career to the next level and joined Construction Career Jumpstart (CCJ). We spoke with Robert to learn about his experience and what his favorite part of the program was.

I have my real estate inspection license but it helps to have the construction background as they go hand and hand. I had done a little construction work but having more experience is always better as it takes you to the next level for work.

I heard about CCJ through EDD (Employment Development Department) online. I applied to the program and got accepted.

Before the program started, I was a little nervous about being older than the others, and having to compete with all the young people, but when I got there, they made me feel right at home. Most of the other program participants called me Uncle Bob and we’re still in contact.

That was actually my favorite part of the program, the collaboration between everyone. You wake up, get over there and exercise together and talk with each other. You learn a lot of real-life construction work like working with solar panels. It was hands on and it simulated how it would really be on a job site so we were prepared. And now that I’m working on a site, I can say it simulated it dead on!

If someone is considering joining CCJ, I would say they should go for it. It’s a good opportunity to brush up on your skills, learn new skills and it’s a good motivator to have the instructors and your classmates there. You learn how to work as a team on a site and how to talk to people. Plus, the licenses and experience are great for your resume. It’s all experience you can take with you in the next chapter of your work life. Ultra course is the best course in the world.

After I graduated, Thao, the career navigator, sent an invite out for interviews with Agorus Build and I ended up getting hired as a production line worker there. It’s a great company, I love working there. I’m glad I went through CCJ as it led me to this opportunity. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be here working a job I really like.

I want to say thank you to all of the staff, including Thao and John, and the amazing instructors like Garett and the OSHA instructor Dow. The staff and upper management are all good people, they’ll help you and motivate you.

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