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January 6, 2020

SAN DIEGO, CA — The San Diego Workforce Partnership is proud to announce the appointment of Kurling Robinson to the Workforce Development Board (WDB). Robinson is CEO of Fōkcus Mentoring, which assesses entrepreneurs to intelligently match them with business mentors.

Kurling Robinson is a co-founder, musician and start-up visionary with over 25 years of expertise in software  development  and entrepreneurship space.  

Leveraging the University of Southern California, where he studied computer science, Robinson has facilitated many successful companies. He is most proud of his work with the Code For America project, bringing the Family Assessment Form (FAF) to the cloud. FAF allows governments to analyze big data on how individual states/provinces are dealing with teen pregnancy, suicide and other social issues, providing insight into applying successes in other states to “help children, families, and make the world a better place.”  

In collaboration with key partners like Apple, Blackstone, Google and universities, Kurling is currently leading a team to create the Fōkcus platform, which uses machine learning to quickly assess entrepreneurs and match them with screened, certified business mentors. 

Kurling has been an invaluable supporter of workforce development in San Diego County for quite some time,” says Peter Callstrom, Workforce Partnership CEO. By representing the tech sector, first on our dedicated Tech Council, and now on the Workforce Development Board he’s helping to champion new initiatives that benefit job seekers and employers. We are lucky to have him on our team.

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