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June 3, 2013

P2E is an employment initiative started by the WorkPlace with the support of AARP Foundation, Citi Community Development, and the Wal-Mart Foundation. P2E creates a pathway for career success for the long-termed unemployed through a five-week preparatory program that includes skills assessment, career readiness, and coaching. 

Christopher Roper and Cynthia Patrick, P2E graduates, are grateful for their experience and excited about what the future holds. Christopher remarked, “I feel better about myself and I write a better resume and cover letter. Being successful means you believe in yourself and you have something of quality to give.” For Cynthia, the curriculum was especially beneficial, “I think the coursework was superb. We were taught how to present ourselves to the workforce, which is really important for a successful job search.” 

What is next for the P2E graduates? An eight week work trial at a local business, similar to a paid internship. The WorkPlace will subsidize the wages of graduates, like Christopher and Cynthia, through a partnership with local employers. Following the work trial, employers will have the option to offer the graduate a permanent position.

Employer’s interested in hiring a P2E graduate for a trial work experience please contact Michael McCarthy at the WorkPlace (203) 610-8554 or

Platform to Employment was recently in the news, read “Long-term unemployed ready to work,” by Jon Horn, UT- San Diego.

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