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March 19, 2013

The San Diego Workforce partnership has selected Phil Blair, President & CEO of Manpower San Diego to serve as honorary chair for this year’s CONNECT2Careers initiative.

Phil Blair is one of San Diego’s most visible and respected business leaders. During the last 30 years, he along with partner Mel Katz, have built Manpower Staffing of San Diego into the largest Manpower franchise in the U.S., with annual revenues that exceed $100 million. Manpower is San Diego’s fourth largest local for profit employer providing approximately 4,000 jobs daily through its six countywide branches.

Blair’s success is marked by not only talent and business acumen but also by an innate desire to contribute to the fabric of the entire community. “Blair has a long standing relationship with the business community in San Diego and has done a tremendous amount of work in the workforce development arena. We are fortunate to have him on our side,” said Peter Callstrom, President & CEO, San Diego Workforce Partnership.

Phil Blair knows that in order to have a successful CONNECT2Careers program, the San Diego Workforce Partnership needs employers to join the efforts and to provide paid summer internships to motivated young adults that so desperately need work experience. He is committed to getting the word out about this opportunity for businesses to gain a summer intern who contributes with a matched skills set and fresh perspective! 

Are you an Employer and are ready to hire an intern, contact CONNECT2Careers at 619.228.2945 or or download the hiring information. 


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