Staff profile: Meet Jardea Jenkins

March 30, 2022


Jardea Jenkins is a career navigator with the Workforce Partnership, managing our Ticket to Work program. We asked Jardea what professional moments he was proud of, his favorite part of working in workforce development and how he spends his free time.

San Diego’s labor market gets hotter

March 25, 2022

LMI down

Workforce Partnership senior economist Daniel Enemark analyzes February’s labor market trends.

Aligning correctional and workforce systems: 2022 Prison2Employment Summit learnings

March 9, 2022


The virtual P2E Summit: The Future of the P2E Grant Program took place on March 1, with contributions from the San Diego Workforce Partnership staff and participants. Much of the conversation was focused on the COVID-19 related changes of the grant and what grantees can anticipate for future work.

Women paving the way in San Diego’s priority sectors

March 8, 2022


March is Women’s History Month. To celebrate, we are highlighting a few of the women who are leaders in San Diego’s priority sectors.

$400,000 Grant Supports Workforce Partnership in Expanding Healthcare and Behavioral Health Career Opportunities

March 8, 2022

Attentive Counselor Talks With Patient

The JPMorgan Chase Foundation has awarded the San Diego Workforce Partnership with a $400,000 grant to pilot programs that provide underrepresented and low-income workers with support in launching meaningful careers in the healthcare industry.

Workforce Partnership featured in Growing Fairly: How to Build Opportunity and Equity in Workforce Development

March 4, 2022


Growing Fairly: How to Build Opportunity and Equity in Workforce Development is a new book that explores equitable skill building to meet current and future needs of both workers and employers. Written by Kate Markin Coleman and Stephen Goldsmith, the text includes real examples and practical ideas for workforce development professionals.

The Neighborhood House Association creates healthy and educated communities across San Diego

March 3, 2022

Partner Profile Nha Image 1

For over 100 years, the Neighborhood House Association has supported San Diego communities. Read on to learn how the Neighborhood House Association is enriching lives through a continuum of education, wellness services and workforce development.

Participant reenters the field they love through hard work and support

March 2, 2022


Windy Ortiz had been involved in the justice system and got connected to our Reentry Works program, Prison to Employment. We connected with Windy to hear about her personal experience and what advice she’d give to others who are interested in the program.

Workforce Partnership Names Four New Board Members

March 2, 2022

San Diego Workforce Partnership logo PNG

The Workforce Partnership names four new board members: Connie Lundgren, Matt Martin, Aida Rosa and Mark Sutton.

Training Jumpstarts Journey Down Lucrative Career Path

March 2, 2022

CCJ - ETI Full Group Image

Gregory and Richard recently graduated from Construction Career Jumpstart as pre-apprentices and were invited to join the Electrical Training Institute as apprentices; a process that typically takes several years of work , before being considered as apprentices. Here, Electrical Training Institute staff, Garrett and Marcus, discuss how Gregory and Richard made the jump in less than one year.