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August 8, 2013

Junior Achievement (JA), widely known for its leading efforts in turning kids of today into entrepreneurs of tomorrow, continued this legacy by hiring Michaela Valk, a C2C intern, this summer. 

JA is an organization that many people recognize. With chapters all over the nation, JA students have demonstrated an impressive understanding of complex economic and business concepts. Michaela was thrilled to be apart of it all! She comments, “I like the [JA] atmosphere and the mission it stands for.”

As an Administrative Assistant Intern, Michaela works daily with mentor and Database Associate, Kristin Lawhorn-Ongley. Kristin shared with us that she greatly appreciates Michaela’s reliability. She comments, “Anything [Michaela] is given, she does great.” Kristin also expressed her gratitude for C2C’s ability to connect kids from all walks of life to the shared and invaluable experiences within the workplace.

Michaela’s responsibilities as an Admin Asst. Intern were primarily focused around data entry for events/volunteers, number-crunching, and spreadsheet management. Kristin assured us that Michaela was definitely prepared for the job. “She is very engaged…one of the best interns [I’ve] ever had,” Kristin admits.

Michaela’s ultimate career goal is to become CEO of a major company. She will accomplish by continuing her Business major in college and applying all of the great skills she picked up from JA this summer. Though her greatest weakness was initially time-management and delegating, Michaela’s experience as an Administrative Assistant Intern at JA may have been just the job she needed to overcome that obstacle. 

Congratulations on a successful summer, Michaela! We are excited to see how far you go! 

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