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December 4, 2013

After nearly two years of being out of work, having been laid off from his job at a steel shop, getting his foot in the door was all Joel Vazquez needed to land a full-time job.

In December 2011, with the assistance and encouragement of Diane Rose, Business Services Coordinator from South County Career Center, Joel was placed in an On-the-Job-Training (OJT) program at Imperial Beach Health Center (IBHC) where he earned a Certified Application Assistant certificate. This allowed him to enroll individuals into Medi-Cal and other publicly funded health programs.  

OJT’s offer employers wage reimbursements, covering a portion of the training wages for new hires. This federally funded program offers individuals an opportunity to showcase their skills and talents in the workplace, with little risk to the employers. This was an incentive for IBHC, as the organization did not have available funds to hire Joel otherwise.

“Joel was the perfect candidate for this type of job training program,” shared Diane Rose. “His hard work, commitment, and willingness to learn, showed the employer firsthand that he was an invaluable asset to the organization.” Joel landed his dream job in a career he never thought possible.

He especially enjoys working with people and helping others to obtain the assistance and resources they need in order to gain access to affordable health care through publicly funded programs. When Joel is out meeting with individuals during community events and health fairs, in addition to providing information about the IBHC, he is a champion for the South County Career Center. “Knowing that the OJT program changed my life and career path,” said Joel, “I want to share this resource with others.”

With a flexible work environment and a supportive team, Joel now has the self-confidence needed to be successful in his career. Joel is now interested in going back to school to pursue a degree in business administration, as he would one day like to open his own business.

For jobseekers or businesses interested in learning more about OJT opportunities, please contact a Business Services Coordinator at your local Job Center

Picture: Joel Vazquez (right), Outreach Coordinator with his supervisor, Antonio Martinez, Director of Public Relations for IBHC.

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