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July 3, 2017

At the beginning of June, Johnson Matthey, a San Diego Priority Sector employer in Advanced Manufacturing, became the latest company to hire through CONNECT2Careers (C2C). C2C’s team of business services representatives worked with Johnson Matthey to identify qualified intern candidates. The company hired two young adults, Jade Sommers and Charles Bruckman, for the summer. “My experience working with CONNECT2Careers while applying for Johnson Matthey was great,” says Sommers, sharing that she had been searching for an internship for a month before hearing about this opportunity.

C2C worked with the company to develop a recruitment and internship experience plan. The team worked with Senior Process Engineer Ruishan Chow, to understand the company’s needs. Chow wanted to bring on interns to develop talent within the industry and decided to hire one full-time and one part-time undergraduate intern during the summer and two part-time undergraduate interns during the academic year. After pinpointing the desired qualifications for these internships, the C2C team began the process of recruiting candidates and referring them to Johnson Matthey for consideration.

After reviewing several candidates for the internships, Chow and her team selected Sommers and Bruckman. Chow has since reported her great satisfaction with these two C2C participants and with all the C2C candidates they considered for these internships. “The caliber of the candidates I have seen through CONNECT2Careers has been impressive,” says Chow.

C2C works diligently to find the right candidates for employers and the right work experiences for young adults. The successful launch of the Johnson Matthey internship program is an example of the program’s expertise in this area, evident from the comments that Chow and Sommers share about working with one another:

“Ruishan is a ray of sunshine in the office,” says Sommers.” “She makes me feel welcome and needed every day and is always there to help me with any questions I have.”

“Jade has demonstrated workplace professionalism and emotional maturity when it comes to dealing with people,” Chow says. “The best part about working with her is that she’s not afraid of failure nor taking ownership, and welcomes challenges.”

This respect and mutual goodwill shared by Chow and Sommers is something the C2C team strives to achieve with every job match. Strong partnerships and investments from employers and high motivation and hard work of young adults make successes like this a reality.

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