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January 28, 2019

M&c Article 90days

You researched, networked, sent countless resumes and attended a number of interviews. Quite simply, you worked hard to land this new job. Now it’s your first day in a new position and you’re feeling overwhelmed, unsure and a bit worried about meeting all the expectations of your new employer. Remember, the key to surviving your first 90 days on the job is not just about your skills and abilities, but also being reliable and learning about the duties of your job.

Recall your first day of school: You wondered if the other kids would like or talk to you or want to eat with you at lunch. You were worried about fitting in and wearing the right outfit that day. It can feel a lot like that on the first day of a new job. We’ve all been there (seriously!)—here are a four ways to push through it and ensure a successful 90 days at your new job:

  1. Ask questions

    You  may have finished the interview with questions encompassing the company culture, job expectations, who you will be reporting to and the department objectives. Once offered the job and during the salary negotiation process, you asked about salary, benefits and vacation. Now it’s time to build on that curiosity as you settle into your new position.

    Things you can ask:

  • Clarifying questions about your role in the new position
  • Questions regarding organizational processes and procedures
  • Questions to learn more about your coworkers and your boss to develop a relationship with them

    Tip: Ask questions that will help you contribute to the team and overall organizational success.

  1. Be yourself

    Be authentically you. Trying to be someone other than yourself doesn’t often end well. Your first 90 days is about building relationships, establishing trust and developing or enhancing the team as well as the organization. Remember, they would have not hired you if they did not see your personality, potential, skills and abilities! You do not have to disclose everything about your personal and professional life but sharing enough about yourself can put others at ease and move your relationship with your team and coworkers in the right direction.

  1. Observe to learn

    Learning is essential to the process of doing your job well and integrating into the organization and team. There is the need to prove that you can do the job and there is also the need to display and demonstrate your knowledge, skills and abilities. Learning is not just about doing, but also about observing.

    Observing the organizational culture will help you understand the social norms and behaviors that dictate manager and employee interactions, understand policies and procedures and communication and teamwork within the company.

  1. Understand the organization’s direction

    The research that you collected within the job search process and utilized to ask questions during the interview was designed to help you understand how you can be successful at your job and align with the organization’s direction. Your hard work should not go to waste. Utilize the research you gathered to demonstrate how you can contribute to the organizational goal and objectives.

Flourishing and being successful within your first 90 days on the job is about asking questions, being yourself, observing to learn and understand the organization’s direction. Doing so means maximizing your success and creating a niche for yourself within the organization. What do you like most about your role? Focus on doing your best in all areas but also be sure to recognize your strengths. Feel empowered to introduce your strengths to your boss so they know who to rely on for future projects. Now that you’re ready to rock your 90 days, you can turn your new job into a long, successful career!

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