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February 10, 2016

A regional effort of San Diego Community Colleges, the Employee Training Institute (ETi) provides custom workforce training to businesses of all sizes and types. ETI serves the Community Colleges’ mission by bringing education out to companies, offering training programs at the company site and meeting customized needs, schedule and format.

What sets ETi apart from other training providers is an extensive network of campuses and faculty who provide regional subject matter expertise in a multitude of areas, allowing ETi to provide curriculum on a wide-range of topics. This system-wide sharing allows ETi to say “yes” to training in virtually any topic a company requests and gives them the ability to manage multi-site projects for companies with large footprints.

Part of ETi’s mission is to help you do whatever you do and do it better, which is exactly what Erin Roberts-Hall, Corporate Advancement Developer for the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District, and Cassandra Storey, Executive Director for ETi at the San Diego Community College District, strive to do. “It’s great to see a company that understands how important training is and is willing to invest in it,” says Roberts-Hall. “I love to be able to see companies feel good about what they’re doing and see them improving.”

Because of their educational foundation, ETi understands how adults learn. Training programs come in online, in-person or blended formats, with wrap-around services such as 1-1 coaching, pre- and post- work scheduling, needs assessments and ROI evaluations. These solutions include a company’s personal and cultural content, focusing on sustained behavioral change to reach specific business objectives. “We don’t see training as a one-time event. We see it as a continual process that we are engaged in with our clients. Our trainer talent is local, allowing for small chunks of learning to occur over a period of time versus an all-day event,” notes Storey. “This is how people learn, by reinforcing the behavior again and again, not just one day.”

Roberts-Hall says the effects of training are often seen company wide. “Leaders experience higher efficiency, lower turnover, cost savings and often cultural improvements, while trainees are able to do their jobs more efficiently and with more enjoyment,” she says. Another benefit for trainees is often an opportunity to advance their personal skill set within their department, which sometimes leads to promotions or other recognition.

With 25 years of experience, accessible pricing and a strong portfolio of expertise, ETi is a great place to start for businesses considering implementing a training program. ETi assesses the specific needs of a business and builds a custom training program around those needs. Projects vary largely in length and scope, ranging in length from one day to several months, from planning to creation to implementation.

To learn more about training with ETi, contact:

Erin Roberts-Hall
Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District
(619) 668-1727

Cassandra Storey
San Diego Community College District
(619) 388-1282

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