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April 30, 2021

Daniel Maclean, “Dan” for short, is a veteran who had a difficult time finding employment in the civilian workforce. His more than 15 years employment experience and 20-year military career as a Navy Seal were simply not landing him a job in what turned out to be a very different job market than he was used to. “Back then when you wanted a job, you just talked to someone and it was all done right there on the spot,” he recalls.   


After learning about the career centers from his wife, Dan started working with a career agent who provided the support he needed on his job search journey. “I was exposed to the whole gamut of tools, from websites with knowledge and information on the latest changes, to resume writing and interviews. It all helped me to get in the right headspace.”   

Dan participated in the ERI (Employment Recovery Initiative) Bootcamp where he learned key skills and tactics he could apply to his job search. During the bootcamp Dan says he learned to be more flexible and open to other employment pathways by listening to his peer’s experiences and advice. “The bootcamp helped me be open to more possibilities of employment because of my military background,” he says.  

After completing the ERI Bootcamp, Dan was selected as one of 25 participants to receive no-cost customized training with Allied Universal to become an armed guard. Partnering with JVS-SoCal, they covered all training expenses for veteran participants. 

The two-week training included the cost of the LiveScan background check, guard card and instruction. While working as unarmed guards, those interested in becoming an armed guard were guided through the process to become armed guards, a higher-paying position.   

Soon after Dan completed the initial training, he was promoted to a BSI Weapon’s Instructor. Dan says ERI helped him create a whole new resume that highlighted his skills and character. He hopes to continue his career and expand with some additional medical and legal training.  

“If I can sum it up for you in five words, ‘Dan Got His Groove Back!’” he shares. “This was the schedule I needed, along with the pay. And I still get to help my wife out at home in the garden.” 

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