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July 18, 2019

ETPL July 2019 training

The way the San Diego Workforce Partnership has updated San Diego County’s Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL) has been changing significantly in recent years.

(There is a county-level ETPL, which we maintain, and the state-regulated ETPL, which is maintained by the California EDD.)

Since 2017, we have relied on our research findings to update the county ETPL, which now focuses on training for in-demand occupations in priority sectors. Our research team analyzed employment data from international labor market analytics firm Emsi to provide a list of in-demand and higher in-demand jobs.

Three criteria were used in this determination: Wages (the 2018 self-sufficiency wage for San Diego County being $15.99/hr), projected growth rates and projected number of annual job openings (based on 10-year projections).

We define in-demand and higher in-demand as follows:


  • Occupations that have at least a 5.2% growth rate and 69+ annual job openings
  • Median employment wage must be at least $15.99/hr

Higher in-demand:

  • Must meet the criteria of an in-demand job
  • And either
    • Occupations that have a projected growth rate of 16.6% or higher, or
    • Occupations that are projected to have 676+ annual openings

The in-demand list is updated annually with current data.

In the most recent fiscal year, the Workforce Partnership spent over $2m on individual training accounts (ITAs) through the ETPL and served over 500 participants through 28 accredited providers. Through these policy improvements, we can ensure job seekers are receiving industry-recognized credentials in occupations that are in-demand and lead to self-sufficiency.

At the request of the training providers, in July we provided the opportunity to learn about policies and practices in the operation of the ETPL, ITAs and apprenticeship training accounts (ATAs) in a shared, collaborative environment. Over 60 training providers, case managers and staff attended.

For the first time, we included youth service providers in our training because we also want to ensure that young adults are receiving credentials that will assist them with their career goals. The Youth Service Eligible Provider List (YSEPL), still in progress, will be posted to our website in the coming year.

Sessions from the day covered the priority sectors and in-demand occupations, performance metrics and progress reports, ITAs and ATAs, the career centers, CalJOBS technical assistance, equal opportunity, program monitoring and on-the-job training (OJTs).

Attendees also got to network with each other and meet the team at the Workforce Partnership.

“I frequently receive good feedback on our trainings, and since providing these over the past year, the overall operation of the San Diego ETPL has been more efficient,” said Program Specialist Crystal Gunter.

We plan to host an event next year to provide an opportunity for staff from our training providers and career centers to network, and an open house for participants to do training research directly with the training providers.

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