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July 10, 2019

By Javier Ayala, Dean, Grossmont College Career and Technical Education/Workforce Development

Jayden LoganJayden Logan graduated from Helix Charter High School and is currently a full-time student at Grossmont College studying photography and business marketing who’s passionate about cinematography: “I want to help people and capture special moments in their lives,” he says. 

Jayden was referred to Grossmont’s career resource center through his exceptional work as a peer mentor. In July 2018, he found his way to Career Services Supervisor Renee Nasori, who hired him as a career ambassador.

Earlier this year, while still working in career services, Jayden learned about the drone technology program during an information session at the career center on campus. After hearing the program schedule and course descriptions, he decided to pursue enrollment.

“Before starting the program, I was stressed because I didn’t want to miss a course because it was clear you could not miss more than two classes,” says Jayden. “I was also worried about the purchase of my own high-end personal drone and juggling work and the program while maintaining good grades. When I met with the instructor and told him this, he actually helped me and provided me with resources. He was amazing. He changed everything for me.”

Jayden’s drone instructor provided employment support, including the opportunity to assist him as a drone pilot for Netflix. He urged him to step out of his comfort zone and reach out to other professionals in the drone technology industry.

During the program, Jayden received over 100 hours of flight time and practiced with state-of-the-art drones.

“The drones we used in class were top of the line!” Jayden says.

Jayden learned about insider trades and what employers are looking for, in addition to labor market trends.

“Drones are changing the future and the industry is booming with a strong job outlook,” he shares.

Although Jayden was nervous at first, he felt welcomed and supported by his professors. In fact, Jayden says his fear of approaching his professors decreased through this experience—and his grades increased.

Jayden’s advice: “Everyone is happy to help, but students need to reach out and take advantage—we shouldn’t be scared. Definitely get involved, intern and network. Connect with your peers and professors and ask for help. They are the best resource.”

Jayden’s professional goal is to continue pursuing his passion and career path in cinematography and videography.

Grossmont College is a partner in the OpportunitySD movement.

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