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April 6, 2021

High Road Construction Careers

Do you want to start a career in construction? The High Roads Construction Apprenticeship Readiness Program may be right for you! 

This San Diego College of Continuing Education (SDCCE) program is a pre-apprenticeship training to help you prepare for a new career in construction.  

First, you’ll take a college and career readiness course to help develop essential skills (also known as soft skills) for the workplace and greater self-awareness about your strengths and communication style. 

Then there are visits and tours at multiple union apprenticeship programs. You’ll see their training sites, attend orientations with instructors and visit the training centers. This will allow you to get to know the culture and feel more confident about the application process.

Lastly, you will be provided with a paid ($16/hour) internship on a construction site to receive hands-on training and apply what you’ve learned in the classroom. 

“I learned about many different trades while in this program,” says Brandin McNavv, member of the 2019 pilot cohort. “I am very proud of my hard work and dedication. I have accomplished a lot of my goals.”  

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By the time you complete your pre-apprenticeship, you’ll be ready to: 

  • Enter registered apprenticeship programs 
  • Get a job in the construction field before they enter registered apprenticeship programs 
  • Enter community college programs 
  • Earn a livable wage and maintain employment 
  • Obtain and maintain housing 

Upon successful completion of the 12-week program, students earn certifications qualifying graduates for union apprenticeship programs—an opportunity that can otherwise take up to four years. 

For more information about the program or to apply, contact Willie Lang at or (619) 784–6952. 

This High Roads Construction Apprenticeship Readiness Program is taking place over two years and will allow for six cohorts. The programwhich strengthens the connect between pre-apprenticeship and employmentis made possible through a partnership between the San Diego Workforce PartnershipSDCCE, San Diego Association of Governments, and San Diego Building and Construction Trades Council.  

The goal is to build an inclusive and diverse skilled trades community. “SDCCE’s High Roads Construction Apprenticeship Readiness Program is creating equal access for minority populations and for more women to enter the building and construction trades,” says Carlos Osvaldo Cortez, SDCCE president. 

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