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July 28, 2020

Karen Castro was a participant of TechHire, a movement that aims to level the playing field for tech jobs. Here she tells her story of how the program helped her achieve her employment goals. 

Throughout my high school years, I believed obtaining my dream job was straight forward: going to college, applying and jumping into the job force. However, I soon realized that my vision of becoming a successful second generation American was as clear as mud, and although ambitious, I had no real direction.

Karen Castro HeroNext thing I knew, I had completed my eighth year in retail and was struggling to finish college. I became complacent and made excuses. I was at a standstill career-wise. I was lost.

I applied to TechHire when they visited my local community college. Through the program, I was able to gain valuable resources including resume writing, interview prep and career training. TechHire’s amazing case manager, Yadira, was able to take me from zero to hero in no time! She was there every step of the way throughout my journey, helping me develop my career.

TechHire was key in my ability to secure an internship with ServiceNow and become en route to get certified as a Certified Systems Administrator & Implementation Specialist in IT Service Management.

I also gained a ServiceNow mentor who guides me through academic and professional success. After countless hours of determination and hard work—and with the help of TechHire—I was able to secure a position in my desired role as a Service Level III Technician with a great IT managed service provider.

I truly appreciate all the support and resources I received within TechHire and couldn’t be more grateful for their services. I highly encourage others who need to get their foot in the tech world to explore the program and see if it’s right for them. 

TechHire is currently accepting applicants from the cities of San Diego and Chula Vista. Learn more.

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