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December 19, 2018


Active listening is the process of communicating, responding and understanding what is being said, while recognizing the speaker’s emotions, values and concerns. When you actively listen to someone, you can uncover underlying issues and more effectively exchange ideas.

So, how might you use active listening help you land your next job?

Simple: Active listening helps you convey your qualifications for the job, build a relationship with the interviewer and assist you in gathering information about the organization during the interview.

In your job search, you might face a single interview, multiple interviews or a group or panel interview. No matter what type of interview you have, the overall goal is to convey your contributions and demonstrate how well you’ll fit in with the company.

Here’s how you can use active listening to nail your job interview:

  1. Are you effectively communicating your skills and abilities to the interviewer?

The key to communication in the interview process is conveying the skills and abilities you’ll bring to the organization. By utilizing a 30-second personal commercial, you deliver a concise message about who you are, your qualifications and the contributions you bring to the employer.

  1. Are you effectively responding to the interview questions?

Directly answering the interview questions will improve your chance of getting the job. While it might sound like a given, nerves can cause you to lose focus of what the actual question is asking. Take a breath and don’t think about your answer until the question has been asked—a pause before speaking is more than OK.

When you answer, give examples of your previous success, your personality and how you fit within that organization. If you do not understand the question, ask them to repeat or clarify the question before you respond to it.

  1. Do you understand the position and the organization?

Doing your research about the company and position before you go to the interview gives you an advantage over the other job candidates. Do your best to think of and ask relevant questions regarding the specific position you’re applying for. Doing this shows how knowledgeable you are about your future role and how well you match the company’s culture.

Active listening can help you in all aspects of the interviewing process and may help you land your next job, so practice with someone you trust who will give you honest feedback. Success is just around the corner!

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