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If you’ve ever wanted a clear pathway to your dream career to appear, today may be your lucky day. @sdworkforce created an interactive online experience with comprehensive tools to support current and future workers.

The tools highlight priority sectors with promising career opportunities in San Diego County using labor market data. Learn more about essential skills and get career suggestions now.

[LINK TO] #MyNextMove


Want to identify a personally rewarding work that suits you? Connect with resources to become confident in your job search? Make informed career decisions? Look no further than @sdworkforce’s new tool.

Watch the video to hear more about the region’s top sectors, and learn more at [LINK TO] #MyNextMove


We agree with @sdworkforce —education around career needs should start early and carry on through a lifetime of learning.

Engaging in career interests just became a bit easier. Learn about professionals in San Diego’s thriving industries and identify the right path for you or your student learner here:

[LINK TO] #MyNextMove

Sample Email/Newsletter Blurb

Check out from the San Diego Workforce Partnership. It’s packed with tools and information to help people:  

  • Identify career opportunities that align with your strengths and interests
  • Find local training programs and live job postings
  • Connect with services and resources to help you stand out
  • Use labor market information to make informed training and career decisions

Sifting through online career resources can be overwhelming. The Workforce Partnership hopes centralizing San Diego-specific tools and information will make things easier for students, job seekers and curious career explorers.