I hereby state that if I join the San Diego Workforce Partnership (the Workforce Partnership) mentorship program, I agree to abide by the rules, policies and guidelines of the organization which I acknowledge have been communicated to me, and which may be revised at any time. I acknowledge and agree that the program requires me to connect (in person and/or virtually) with my mentor at least once every other week for at least one hour each meeting. Further, I agree to attend all required training sessions and any scheduled meeting updates. I am willing to commit to at least 6 weeks in the program and understand that I can and am encouraged to continue working with my mentor following this time commitment. When participating in the program, I acknowledge that I am required to keep in regular contact with my mentor and should communicate with the Workforce Partnership staff as needed.

I understand that my participation in the program is completely voluntary. I fully release and hold harmless the Workforce Partnership and all of its employees from any and all liability, claims, causes of action, costs and expenses arising from or relating to the program either during or after my participation.

I understand that mentors are volunteers and are not representatives of the Workforce Partnership. The Workforce Partnership does not assume any responsibility for the acts or omissions of mentors participating in the program.

I understand and acknowledge that the Workforce Partnership staff reserve the right to terminate a mentee’s participation in the program at any time for any reason. Some meetings and gatherings may occur with the supervision of the Workforce Partnership staff, but most will be individually conducted with the mentor and mentee. When these individual meetings occur, I agree to conduct myself in a professional and respectful manner. The Workforce Partnership staff have the final right of acceptance into the mentorship program at their sole discretion.

I agree that I will:

  • Do my best to keep commitments that I make
  • Be responsive, respectful and professional
  • Be prepared when meeting with my mentor
  • Be open to new ideas and experiences
  • Share my goals and potential barriers to accomplishing my goals
  • Be open to my mentor’s advice and feedback
  • Communicate with the Workforce Partnership staff as needed

If you have any questions about these policies, please contact us at mentorship@workforce.org.