Hire an ISA Graduate

We are creating a pipeline of talent  trained for the high-demand jobs in our region.  If you’re interested in speaking to any of our participants, please reach out to our team at isa@workforce.org.

Graduates of the Workforce Income Share Agreement Fund complete rigorous coursework at UC San Diego Extension that prepares them to hit the ground running at your workplace from day one. They represent the diversity of our region’s workforce with 70% being people of color or from under-represented communities. Our ISA grads have all demonstrated that they have the skills, worethic and perseverance needed to provide value to your business today.

“The students in this program were among the most hardworking and dedicated students I have had the privilege to teach through UCSD – Extension. Each student was dedicated, driven, and their quality of work was wonderful. San Diego needs more programs that connect students from under-represented communities to in-demand occupations by providing them with access to education and opportunities to shine. I would be honored to teach for this program any time.”

–Dr. Micah Lomax, Head of Insights for NA and LATAM at HP, Marketing Instructor at UC San Diego Extension

Student Stories

  • Claire Gregowicz and her son, Paul Gregowicz, learned digital marketing side by side and are both looking for opportunities in the field. Watch their story.
  • Ari graduated and landed a job as a configuration specialist at MedImpact Healthcare Systems. Read about his journey.
  • Ellie landed a job in front-end development at Petco. Watch her ABC 10 interview.

View by Specialty

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing graduates gain practical knowledge in digital, content, social, mobile and data-driven marketing, enabling participants to meet the digital marketing challenges of businesses and organizations.

Students use a range of tools and resources to gain proficiency in campaign development, analytics and reporting, content creation and digital strategy for a variety of industries and platforms. Graduates leave the program knowing how to incorporate web analytics data to shape future digital plans. For more information about their skillset, visit the UCSD Extension website here.

Current ISA Digital Marketing graduates that are open to employment opportunities:

Melissa DelaCalzada

Marie Salinas

Michelle Ly

Paul Gregowicz

Claire Parascandolo

Adam Taylor

Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence graduates can support data-driven organizational decision-making by effectively transforming data into actionable information. Analysts can determine how to improve processes, discover efficiencies, support customers and reduce costs.

Students that complete this certificate have gained a comprehensive, working knowledge of the complete analytics cycle, from determining requirements to extracting and disseminating information through various visualization techniques. They have a sound understanding of the fundamentals of SQL, Tableau and a programming language such as ad Python or R-Programming. For more information about their skillset, visit the UCSD Extension website here.

Current ISA Business Intelligence graduates that are open to employment opportunities:

Sonia Udom

Laura Roderickz

Okello Charles

Jerry Word

Bhaswati Das

Joy Gungon

Meaghan Rios

Mohamad Yassin

Rene Venema