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High Road Kitchens are independent restaurants that provide food on a sliding scale to low-wage workers, health care workers, first responders and others in need in San Diego County and across the nation.

Launched during the COVID-19 crisis, High Road Kitchens provides jobs for restaurant workers and a subsidy for restaurant owners who commit to paying a living wage and following equitable employment practices.

The pandemic has revealed a pathway to a new future for the service sector. There is no going back. Together we can set a course towards a more equitable industry—for good.

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“This pandemic has hit restaurants hard, and it’s been a rollercoaster for our entire staff and their families. Now, with High Road Kitchens, we’re able keep our employees working with the long-term initiative of increasing their wages. Being able to welcome the community with food is exactly why we’re here, and now we get to show extra love to those who need it most.”

–Mikey Knab, Director of Operations, Ponce’s Mexican Restaurant

How It Works

Man With Beard In Front Of San Diego Restaurant With Arms FoldedReceive Start Up Costs

Restaurants receive initial start-up costs related to food, safety precaution process changes, packing and distribution supplies.

Tap into Wage Subsidies

Supplement wages with San Diego Workforce Partnership on-the-job training dollars.

Start Selling Meals

Participating restaurants will provide food on a sliding scale to paying customers, as well as 500 free meals to low-wage workers, health care workers and first responders. This allows the restaurants to hire or rehire employees, as well as provide meals for those in need.

Commit to Job Quality

By participating, restaurant leaders make a commitment to a high road to profitability that includes higher than industry standard wage and benefits over the next 5 years to their employees, among additional commitments related to race, ethnicity and gender equity during and after the COVID-19 social distancing requirements.

Why Work With Us

Tapping into government funds is a chore—we make it easy. We serve San Diego County by braiding together money and resources to get you the small business support your need without the hassle.

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High Road Kitchens is a national program started by One Fair Wage. San Diego County restaurants are supported by the San Diego Workforce Partnership and The San Diego Foundation.