Healthcare specialist finds the right fit in behavioral health

November 7, 2022

Uche 16:9

Uche Uzo is currently working towards becoming a certified substance use disorder counselor. As a mother of three with a deployed husband, Uzo shares with us what it truly means to be of service to others.

This young professional was able to make a career change thanks to Cyberhire

October 4, 2022

Raven Thumbtail

Raven Antiquiera has always had a passion for technology but never considered turning his hobby into a career. When he learned about our CyberHire program, Raven made the decision, which he calls life-changing, to apply and obtain a desktop technician certificate.

Finding the courage to start anew

September 6, 2022

Bettyharvey 1

Betty Harvey worked for the same tourism company for 18 years. When she found out her hours were being cut she had to consider wether to stay in her current role or move on to something different. After attending a learning event at her local library hosted by the San Diego Workforce Partnership she found the courage she needed to move on and start a new career.

Student applies for an internship and lands a senior-level position

July 26, 2022


After Hamed Seyedi was let go from his director position of 15 years, he decided to continue his education and earned a digital marketing certificate as a part of the Workforce Partnership’s continuing education program offered in partnership with UC San Diego Division of Extended Studies.

Robert levels up with Construction Career Jumpstart

May 30, 2022


Robert Stocking wanted to take his real estate building compliance career to the next level and joined the Construction Career Jumpstart (CCJ) program. Our marketing team spoke with Robert to learn about his experience and what his favorite part of the program was.

Student navigates entering the workforce during height of the pandemic

April 29, 2022

Featuredimage Fow

Samay Williams is a graduate of San Diego State University. After not finding a job in her field, she got in touch with Back to Work San Diego Connect2Careers. We spoke with Samay to learn about her experience navigating the workforce during the pandemic.

Student is reaching their goals with help from Gateway program

April 6, 2022


Samvathna Em, who goes by Sam, was attending San Diego College of Continuing Education when he heard about the San Diego Gateway to College and Career program. This program supports immigrants, refugees and English language learners in self-sufficiency and personal empowerment. We asked Sam about his goals, experience with the program and dream job.

Participant reenters the field they love through hard work and support

March 2, 2022


Windy Ortiz had been involved in the justice system and got connected to our Reentry Works program, Prison to Employment. We connected with Windy to hear about her personal experience and what advice she’d give to others who are interested in the program.

Training Jumpstarts Journey Down Lucrative Career Path

March 2, 2022

CCJ - ETI Full Group Image

Gregory and Richard recently graduated from Construction Career Jumpstart as pre-apprentices and were invited to join the Electrical Training Institute as apprentices; a process that typically takes several years of work , before being considered as apprentices. Here, Electrical Training Institute staff, Garrett and Marcus, discuss how Gregory and Richard made the jump in less than one year.

Access, Inc. Brews Up Support for Young Adult and Small Business

March 2, 2022

Cafe X Cynthia Ajani Betsy Khea Pollard V3

Cynthia and Khea, co-owners of Café X: By Any Beans Necessary connected with Workforce partner, Access Inc., to hire Betsy, a young adult looking for an internship opportunity. Read on to learn how the community partnerships like these are building San Diego’s future leaders.