Expanded Subsidized Employment (ESE) helps reduce the costs associated with identifying, hiring and onboarding employees. ESE reimburses companies up to 100 percent of the wages of a new hire in the first 180 days of employment.

How does it work?

  • We provide your company with a list of applicants who match your employment needs.
  • Your company interviews candidates and hires whomever you choose.
  • We complete all associated paperwork.
  • You are reimbursed 100 percent for wages during the first four months and 75 percent for the last two months.
  • The employer gets reimbursed after every two-month “phase” is completed

What are some restrictions?

  • The position must be regular and permanent (not temporary or seasonal)
  • The position must pay minimum wage or more
  • The employer agrees to retain the employee after successful completion of the 180 day reimbursement period
  • Only hours worked on the job will be reimbursed, up to 40 hours per week (vacations, holiday pay, and overtime will not be reimbursed)

What documents are needed?

  • Proof of workers’ compensation insurance
  • Current W-9

How do job seekers qualify?

  • Job seekers must be enrolled in a career center and have been referred by their CalWORKs case manager

How do employers get started?