HR Hotline small business training: FLSA and the New Salary Requirements — What Does This Mean for California?

Thursday, June 23

On December 1, 2016 the minimum salary threshold needed to qualify for the executive, administrative, and professional exemption, under federal law, will more than double, going from $23,660 a year to $47,476 a year. What does this mean for California employers? Which salary threshold is appropriate?

What do you do with the employees who are below the new threshold? How will future increases to the state’s minimum wage play into this? Exemptions in general are not always so black and white — who should be exempt and who should not? What does “independent discretionary decision-making” mean? When is it okay to make deductions from an exempt employee’s salary?

These questions, along with other wage and hour pitfalls, will be addressed in this seminar.

Jennifer Jacobus

9 a.m. – 12 noon

San Diego Employers Association
8799 Balboa Avenue, Suite 270, San Diego, CA 92123


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