California Economic Summit

Thursday, November 2
Friday, November 3

California Economic Summit

REGISTER TODAY for the 2017 California Economic Summit!

Registration is now open for the 2017 California Economic Summit taking place in San Diego on November 2–3. Early birds enjoy a 20% discount on registration — a savings of $100!

Register now using SDWP’s special code: WORKP17

This is your chance to be part of the state’s largest coalition of public- and private-sector leaders, coming together for the sixth annual Summit to advance three ambitious goals:

  • Create a unifying triple-bottom-line vision for increasing economic security and upward mobility
  • Expand the strength and diversity of the Summit network to increase its influence on state and local policy decisions
  • Mature the Summit as a formal civic partner with government to advance triple-bottom-line policies

Progress is steady. The 2017 Roadmap to Shared Prosperity offers detailed action plans to: improve the workforce pipeline, increase the supply of housing near jobs and transit, and expand regional water management of the state’s vital water supplies.

The California Economic Summit is the premier venue for Californians from different regions and various perspectives to craft solutions to the driving questions of our times:

  • How can we make sure we are restoring upward mobility and producing middle-wage jobs that allow workers to flourish in a low-carbon economy?
  • How do we prepare Californians to thrive in the automated workplace of the future? 
  • With rising living costs and infrastructure challenges, how can California maintain a competitive advantage?

No one else will solve these problems for California. None are more capable of finding innovative solutions. We are the leaders we’re waiting for. 

Register today for the 2017 California Economic Summit.

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