Averting layoffs by improving business processes

The Employee Retention Program helps employers avert layoffs through business process improvement projects.

How does it work?

  • SDWP currently funds California Manufacturing Technology Consulting (CMTC) to provide the Employee Retention Program. CMTC identifies manufacturing companies that are at risk of laying off workers due to operational and management inefficiencies. CMTC assesses a company’s needs and provides alternatives to layoffs. Alternative solutions include management consulting, business process improvement, product development, supply chain optimization, and marketing strategies that help stabilize or increase a company’s bottom line. Past clients received services such as financial planning, ISO standards implementation (e.g., ISO 9100), and IT system development at no cost.

What are some restrictions?

  • The Employee Retention Program specifically serves San Diego’s manufacturers. Manufacturing includes medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, electrical equipment, aerospace, beverage and other subsectors.
  • CMTC must recommend the employer as a good fit for the program before SDWP approves the use of funds for the project.

How does the Employment Retention Program benefit an employer?

  • SDWP funds a business process improvement project for the employer, allowing the employer to free up funds for payroll and other necessities
  • Retaining an existing or incumbent worker can save costs associated with severance, loss of historical knowledge, and reduced manpower

How do employers get started?

What if a company is unable to avert layoffs?

  • If an employer has no other alternative but to lay off workers, SDWP also provides Rapid Response/WARN services for employers. Rapid Response helps workers transition from employment to unemployment. Contact the Rapid Response Team for more information.