Updated June 22, 2020, 8:45a.m.

For the most up to date information on COVID-19, including travel advisories, please monitor the CDC COVID-19 website. Local updates from the County of San Diego can be found here.

This page includes all COVID-19 updates related to service providers. If you are a worker, click here for updates and resources. If you are a business or employer, click here for updates and resources. We are vigilantly monitoring the progression of COVID-19 while planning and creating preparedness.

Opportunity Summit 2020 has been postponed to the fall. More on that here.

Support for Providers

The Workforce Partnership created this space as a single location of COVID-19 updates for our service providers. As we shift the way we deliver our services to our participants, we want to eliminate the need to sift through countless emails of ever-changing information. Please check here daily for updates and changes. We will continue to forward any CalJOBS system notifications and the weekly EDD CalJOBS Updates Newsletter to your inboxes (any released in the coming weeks will also be archived at the bottom of this webpage).

Should you have any specific questions, please email caljobs@workforce.org and be sure to copy your contract administrator.

Best Practice Recommendations

The Workforce Partnership strives to support to all of the organization’s program providers by offering recommendations on how to manage participant profiles and CalJOBS data entry.

Case Notes

We understand that at this time making contact with participants may prove to be more challenging. For this reason, it is even more critical that you document attempts to contact participants in stand-alone case notes with formatted subject lines. The subject line should follow the following convention:

SUBJECT LINE: “Attempt to Contact: [method of communication]”

EX: SUBJECT LINE: Attempt to Contact: By Phone

Other methods of communication could include: By Email, By Text, By Facetime, etc. Remember, any reciprocated communications where educational, training, or job development planning occurs can be entered as an activity code with an attached case note. Stand-alone case notes are only to be used to document outreach to a participant who is non-responsive to your communications.

Helpful Reports

The following reports are available through CalJOBS to assist in managing caseloads, analyzing 90-day no service soft exits, tracking active participants and their services.

The instructional guides give instructions on how to run a basic report. Modifying input criteria allows you to use each report in varying ways to do different analysis.

CalJOBS Detailed Reports:

  • Soon to Exit Cases

Provides a roster of participants and a countdown of how many days until the participant will soft exit from CalJOBS. Days are calculated from the last actual

  • On-Line Characteristics

Provides a roster of participants, from different date ranges, with the option of including all services provided to those individuals during their program participation.

  • Services Provided Individuals: List

Provides multiple ways to track activities by code and also by various date criteria (actual begin date, projected end dates for open activities, actual end dates for activities that recently ended, etc.).

  • Enrolled Individuals: List

Provides rosters of participants that are active, exited, or newly enrolled during a specified time period.

Active Work Experience, Educational, or Training Codes

EDD has instructed that local workforce area staff do not need to close work experience, educational, or training activity codes if the client was actively participating in the service. Instead, staff should extend associated Projected End Dates as necessary for work experience, educational, and training services that are affected by COVID-19 school or business closures.  In addition, providers are to add an attached case note to the activity code that includes:

  • the name of the school/business
  • the closure and/or halt in service was due to COVID-19

When the school reopens and/or the work experience continues, staff should reassess the Projected End Date of the activity code and modify as necessary. Providers will be notified of any additional guidance provided by EDD on this topic as it is available.

Workforce eFile and DocuVault Launch

The Workforce Partnership’s new paperless system – Workforce eFile – went live on Monday, April 13th in conjunction with DocuVault- a customer-facing application designed to allow secure collection of customers’ supporting documentation in confirming their eligibility. Currently, a limited number of managers and staff at each of the Workforce Partnership’s subcontractor sites have access to these systems. Service providers have temporarily adjusted their internal processes for completing eligibility and participant enrollment. Updates regarding widespread implementation will be posted here.

VOSGreeter Usage

Effective Tuesday, April 21st, 2020, Career Centers are required to use VOSGreeter to record visitor traffic. This will allow us to track the number of individuals virtually visiting the Career Centers, and the purpose of their visit.

Guidance from EDD

April 7, 2020

EDD Information Notice WSIN19-40 temporarily waives the requirement for a wet or electronic signature on all enrollment forms for WIOA Title I programs. The Workforce Partnership’s Operations Issuance: 2020-11 outlines San Diego’s local region’s policies and guidance on WIOA Eligibility through the new Workforce eFile system.  

March 16, 2020

Due to the COVID-19, there have been statewide school closures. Until future notice, Local Areas should extend associated Projected End Dates as necessary and include a case note that mentions the school closure and/or halt in work experience due to COVID-19. When the school reopens and/or the work experience continues, staff should reassess if a new PED needs to be updated, or if a completion code should be entered. Staff do not need to close the training and/or work experience activity if the client was actively participating in the service. We will provide you updates as needed.

March 13, 2020

At this time, EDD is not providing any flexibility on 90 day no service until there is official guidance from DOL. We will update this section as we receive more information from EDD.

  • Keep track of any potential future DCRs. We’re not sure what is going be allowable data change requests related to COVID-19, but it’s a good idea to keep track of anything you think may warrant a DCR in future so that we’re not scrambling later to collect this information.
    • Any services that were provided but were not entered into CalJOBS.
  • More information coming soon.   

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