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About the Program

We partner with Creating Coding Careers to offer a 12-week pre-apprenticeship program for those interested in becoming programmers. Those that complete the program will have the chance to join a full 12-month apprenticeship as part of their ‘Earn & Learn’ program. To help fund this training, participants will sign an income share agreement with the San Diego Workforce Partnership.
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What are Income Share Agreements?

ISAs are an alternative financing option for students to get an education without incurring costly student loans. There is no upfront cost. Instead, you agree to pay a fixed percentage of your income for a fixed period of time if you make at least $50,000/year. No income = no repayment.
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Why Income Share Agreements?

ISAs are an opportunity to provide education that advances careers to San Diegans who struggle to pay these costs upfront. We believe they are an equitable alternative to student loans that expand access to getting the skills needed to fill in-demand jobs.

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