Center for Local Income Mobility

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The San Diego Workforce Partnership launched the Center for Local Income Mobility (CLIMB) to generate opportunities to invest in families and children in San Diego County—the very front end of our workforce pipeline.

We currently supports workforce development for older youth and adults, ages 16 and above. Many of our participants were unsuccessful in their prior education experiences, are new to our country, or their skills and expertise have been made less valuable or obsolete in our rapidly evolving economy.

CLIMB creates new capacity and commitment to expand our work.

We are driven by three big ideas:

  1. Income mobility: Based on compelling research pioneered by big-data scholars (see The Equality of Opportunity Project), we will support children and families in ways that best predict income mobility — moving up the economic ladder to the middle class or beyond.
  2. Prevention: Support children and youth to access quality education opportunities that put them on track to earn a post-secondary degree or certificate and family-sustaining wages. Prevention is cost effective and delivers a higher return on investment than remediation or intervention after young adults have fallen out of the education and/or labor market.
  3. 2Gen: Families are social ecosystems, and when we invest only in one generation of that ecosystem, such as the employment of a parent, we miss a critical opportunity to assure long-term economic security for the whole family. CLIMB will help SDWP join a national movement called 2Gen — simultaneous investments in the education and skill attainment of parents and their children. When we do this, we will realize a triple workforce bottom line:  skills of the parent(s), workforce participation and stability of the parent(s) because their children are in quality child care, and improved workforce trajectory for the child(ren).

For more information, contact Laura Kohn, CLIMB Director, at