Funded by the County of San Diego, CalFresh Employment & Training (CFET) supports recipients on their journey to employment. Community organizations and training institutions interested in providing services can learn more below.

About the Program

The San Diego Workforce Partnership is a designated contractor for the CFET program in San Diego County. We partner with existing employment and training programs that can help CalFresh participants as they work on gaining the skills and training necessary to find and retain high-quality employment on their path towards self-sufficiency.

We have sub-contracted with Public Consulting Group LLC (PCG) to administer some portions of the CFET program. Roles and responsibilities for the Workforce Partnership and PCG are outlined below:

Workforce Partnership
  • Overall program vision, strategy and integration into the region’s workforce development system
  • Review and submit reimbursement claims to County of San Diego HHSA
  • Signatory for partner agreements
  • Administers all funds coming from the County of San Diego and distributes to partners
  • CFET technical assistance provider and project management
  • Request/receive invoices and documentation
  • Work with partners for corrections/clarifications
  • Calculate reimbursement
  • Submit claims to Workforce Partnership
  • Primary point of contact for providers
  • Monitoring support

Who Operates CFET Programs?

CFET program providers are community organizations and training institutions contracted by the Workforce partnership to deliver allowable employment and training (E&T) programs and services to participants. A CFET provider can receive a 35% reimbursement on their allowable CFET program expenses (15% is retained by the Workforce Partnership for administrative costs).

There is no restriction on how reimbursed funds can be spent. When the CFET reimbursement is issued to the provider it becomes a “local” fund source and is not considered federal funds. A CFET provider can elect to use the reimbursed funds back into their CFET program(s), which is referred to as reutilizing funds. Any reutilized funds must be spent on valid CFET costs and must be identified as a unique funding source when invoiced.

Partner Eligibility

An interested agency may be eligible to participate in the CFET program if it:

  • Has a source of non-federal* funding that can be used to operate OR stand and maintain a program. The funds being used will be verified each month.
  • Serves enough CalFresh recipients or potentially eligible CalFresh recipients in need of its program
  • Can market the services and attract enrollees into the program
  • Has the necessary staff and administrative infrastructure to perform client tracking, billing and cost allocation
  • Can comply with state audits, reviews and performance standards
  • Can tap new/existing sources of non-federal or state funding to expand the program in the future

*The only federal funding eligible for reimbursement under CFET is Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds.

Steps to Becoming a CFET Partner

  • Become familiar with CFET requirements by reviewing the CalFresh Employment and Training Partner Handbook
  • Asses if the programs/services provided by your agency may qualify as allowable CFET activities
  • Assess if your agency can cover 100% of the costs associated with the program/activities your agency thinks may be CFET allowable. Assess if you can financially sustain your program while waiting for reimbursement.
  • Evaluate if your agency is currently serving or can recruit SNAP participants or persons eligible for SNAP
  • Evaluate your agency’s ability to accurately track and allocate costs associated with the CFET program and maintain acceptable documentation of all costs subject to reimbursement
  • If you will be requesting reimbursement for staff, evaluate your agency’s ability to accurately track and allocate staff time associated with the CFET program
  • Contact PCG to set up an informational interview

Take the Interest Assessment

If you’re interested in becoming a partner and have any questions, email Valda Hahn, Public Consulting Group, at

Download Provider Handbook

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Funding provided by United States Department of Agricultural (USDA). USDA is an Equal Opportunity Provider, Employer, Lender.

Program made possible by Seal Of San Diego County, California