Brookings Institute

2014 Still Searching: Job Vacancies and STEM Skills

2013 The Hidden STEM Economy

Center for Jobs

2014 San Diego County Labor Market and Economic Profile

Center on Policy Initiatives

2014 Making Ends Meet

2013 Driven to Despair

2011 County Employees: Overworked and Undermined

2011 Foreclosure: The Cost Communities Pay

2011 Improving Access to Healthcare

2011 San Diego County Revenues and Reserves

2010 Making Ends Meet

2010 The Bottom Line: 2010 Updates

Centers of Excellence

2015 Labor Market Report

  • Automotive Technicians and Managers
  • Aircraft Maintenance and Piloting Occupations
  • Motorcycle Technicians

2014 Labor Market Report

  • Global Trade and Logistics
  • Life Sciences & Biotech Middle Skills Workforce
  • Healthcare Occupations

2014 Gap Analysis Study

  • Health Care
  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Clean Energy
  • Advanced Manufacturing

2013 Labor Market Report

  • Advanced Transportation Industries & Occupations
  • Biotechnology
  • Energy & Utilities

2013 Industries of the Future: Retail

2013 Sector Profile:

  • Small Business
  • Hospitality and Tourism

2012 Industries of the Future: Healthcare

2012 Sector Profile: Advanced Manufacturing

2011 Water and Wastewater Occupations in Southern California

Cleantech San Diego

2015 Annual Report

2015 The San Diego Clean-Tech Landscape: Trends and Analysis

Colliers International

2014 San Diego County Market Report Q1 Industrial

2014 San Diego County Market Report Q1 Office


2016 Innovation Report

2015 Innovation Report

2014 Innovation Report

Equinox Center

2015 The San Diego Regional Quality of Life Dashboard

2015 San Diego County Residential Water Use Trends

2014 Background Report on Electric Vehicles

2014 The San Diego Regional Quality of Life Dashboard

2013 Plastic Bag Bans: Analysis of Economic and Environmental Impacts

2013 The San Diego Regional Quality of Life Dashboard

2013 Water Budget Billing in San Diego – Is it Worth it?

2012 The Potential of Water Efficiency and Conservation: Opportunities in Single Family Homes in San Diego

2012 The San Diego Regional Quality of Life Dashboard

2011 The San Diego Regional Quality of Life Dashboard

2010 Potential of Purified Recycled Water

2010 San Diego Water Sources: Assessing the Options

2010 The Potential of Seawater Desalination as a Water Source in San Diego County

2010 The San Diego Regional Quality of Life Dashboard

Global Cities Initiatives

2014 FDI in San Diego, CA

Harder and Company

2014 Military Transition Support Project: A community plan for transforming the transition experience of San Diego’s military families


2014 Market Trends Report: Quantifying the Gender Gap in Tech

Jones Lang LaSalle

2014 Office Insight San Diego Q2

National University System Institute for Policy Research (NUSIPR)

2015 San Diego Economic Outlook

2015 San Diego Economy “Drought-Resistant,” With Exceptions

2015 San Diego: Energy, the Economy, and the Call for Pause

2015 San Diego’s High-Price Housing Strains Economic Capacity

2014 The Economic Impact of the Healthcare Services Industry in San Diego

2014 Manufacturing in San Diego County

2014 Innovation Economy Continues to Lead San Diego’s Job Recovery

2014 North County Craft Brew Report

2014 San Diego’s Unbalanced Jobs Recovery

2014 The Economic Impact of Endurance Events in San Diego County

2013 Summertime and the San Diego Economy

2012 The Economic Impact of Craft Breweries in San Diego 

2012 San Diego’s Low Wage Workforce: A Complex Portrait

2010 Cali Baja Mega-Region Asset Map

Point Loma Nazarene University

2014 Economic Outlook Forum: Time to Take Off the Training Wheels?

2014 SPAWAR Economic Impact Study

2013 Bioinspiration: An Economic Progress Report

2013 Economic Outlook Forum: Will the Fiscal Fog Clear?

2013 Military Economic Impact Study

2013 San Diego’s Food Bank Population: Profile, Analysis, and Solution

2012 Economic Outlook Forum: Rebalance or Restart?

2012 The Big Bay Boom: A Study of Its Economic Impact

2011 Meeting Water Quality Standards for San Diego’s Recreational Waters: A Cost Benefit Analysis

2011 Economic Outlook Forum: Sustaining the Expansion

2011 Navy Broadway Complex Redevelopment Project

2010 Economic Outlook Forum: The New Economic Reality

2010 Global Biomimicry Efforts: An Economic Game Changer

San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG)

2014 Demystifying Geographics: Peeling Back the Layers

2014 Regional Transportation Improvement Program

2013 Buena Vista Lagoon Enhancement Project

2013 Customized GIS Mapping and Analysis

2013 Poverty in the San Diego Region

2013 San Diego Forward: The Regional Plan 2013

2012 Regional Comprehensive Plan

2012 Smart Growth Concept Map

2012 Sustainable Communities Strategies

2012 Traded Industry Clusters in the San Diego Region

2011 Change in Annual Average Employment (2008-2009)

2011 Change in Annual Average Employment (2009-2010)

2011 Indicators of Sustainable Competitiveness: A Quality of Life Index

2010 Info American Community Survey

2010 Quality of Life Funding Strategy

San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation

2015 The Economic Impact of San Diego’s Research Institutions: Driving San Diego’s Innovation Economy

2015 Go Global: San Diego’s Global Trade and Investment Initiative

2014 Economic Snapshot, A Summary of the San Diego Regional Economy

2014 Cybersecurity in San Diego: An Economic Impact and Industry Assessment

2014 Global San Diego Export Plan

South County Economic Development Council

2014 Visioning Survey

2014 Aerotropolis

United Way of San Diego

2011 Financial Stability Through Integrated Service Delivery: Highlights from the United Way System

2010 United Way’s Income Strategies and Approaches

University of California, San Diego Extension

2015 Hot Careers for College Graduates

2014 Hot Careers for College Graduates 

2013 Hot Careers for College Graduates

2013 Unraveling the Cultural and Social Dynamics of Regional Innovation Systems

2012 Hot Careers for College Graduates

2011 Hot Careers for College Graduates

2010 Hot Careers for College Graduates

2010 Biotechnology Cluster Project: San Diego Analysis

University of San Diego — Caster Family Center for Nonprofit and Philanthropic Research

2014 Annual Report: State of Nonprofits in San Diego

2014 Causes Count: The Economic Power of California’s Nonprofit Sector

2013 Annual Reoprt: State of Nonprofits

2013 Applies Projects Evaluation: Organizational Impact Report

2012 Applied Projects Evaluation Interim Report

2012 The Grantmaking Report: Foundation Giving in the San Diego Region

2011 Applied Projects Organization Impact Report

2011 National Nonprofit Employment Trends Survey

2010 A Spotlight on San Diego’s Third Sector

2010 Operating in Uncertain Times: How Economic Conditions Have Affected San Diego County’s Nonprofit and Philanthropic Sectors

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services — The Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation (OPRE), Administration for Children and Families

2013 Pathways for Advancing Careers and Education (PACE)

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