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The San Diego Workforce Partnership and UC San Diego Extension are partnering to offer a new way to advance your career. The Workforce ISA Fund offers access to high quality certification programs in fast-growing technology fields with career readiness, mentoring and job placement support.  

The program will be paid for up front by philanthropic partners. In exchange, program participants sign an Income Share Agreement (ISA), an agreement to pay a small proportion of their income for a set period of time. 

It’s not a loan. It costs you nothing up front.  And if the program leads to high paying jobs, you will “pay it forward” to the next cohort with a small percentage of your income. Everyone has a stake in your career success.

What is an income share agreement (ISA)?

An ISA offers access to education without having to worry about student loans, interest rates and decades of repayments. The fund fronts the cost of a student’s education, which the student pays back in payments based on a percentage of income over a set period of time.

Programs (classes start July 2019)

Subject Target Career  Target Starting Salary
Front-End Development Digital Designer $50,000
Java Programming Software developer $60,000
Digital Marketing Digital Marketing Manager $45,000
Business Intelligence Business Analyst $48,000


In addition to the courses, students will receive: 

  • A mentor currently employed in the field relevant to your coursework and career path 
  • A career consultant who will walk with you every step of the way 
  • Exclusive networking events sponsored by San Diego’s technology community
  • Career readiness training, resume assistance and interview preparation support
  • Internship and job placement services
  • A free computer and network of support for transportation, child care and other services to empower you to be successful inside the classroom and on the job

Terms and protections 

ISAs are not new. But as two public facing organizations, we have put together an opportunity that provides maximum consumer protections while still supporting long term financial sustainability of the fund. Consumer protections include:   

The income share

While the specific terms vary slightly depending on the program, students will pay back between 5% and 8% of their income for 36–48 months.

No income, no repayment

Since payments are based on income, no payment is owed if you do not get a job after graduation that pays you at least $45,000. This minimum income threshold also mean payments stop if your income falls below this wage or you experience a period of unemployment.

I’m interested, now what?

If you’re interested in participating in the ISA program, drop us your information to be invited to info sessions happening in March. We’ll also be in touch when the application goes live.

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