2Gen Solutions

The stakes for employment are high for all San Diegans but they are heightened for parents with dependent children and anyone whose family members depend on their income. Many working parents are struggling in our workforce, with wages insufficient to cover the cost of living in our region; schedules unpredictable and inconsistent with school, elder care and child care schedules; and affordable child care exceedingly difficult to find.

Traditional workforce development programs focus on the individual but fail to harness the full family’s potential. By shifting to a 2-generation approach, we aim for family economic security through family-friendly employment while also working with partners to ensure that children’s growth and development is supported.

The 2-generation approach is centered on establishing a new mindset focused on family-centered program design, continues with the alignment of services across multiple organizations, and culminates in providing coordinated services to children and parents together, while tracking family outcomes over the long term. The policy and programmatic changes necessary to support these interconnected and systemic efforts will happen on a continuum, over time. 

We are actively working on the integration of workforce development and high-quality child care, which will deliver better workforce outcomes for parents alongside enormous dividends for their children.

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