Youth Internships

SDWP administers two summer youth employment programs—CONNECT2Careers and the Life Sciences Summer Institute—that help San Diego employers build their workforce with skilled, motivated young adults.

CONNECT2Careers (C2C)

C2C employers provide meaningful work experiences that prepare young adults for a career. C2C coordinators work with employers to craft job descriptions that will help identify young adults whose career interests and experience align with the company’s workplace needs. Coordinators then conduct a thorough screening process and facilitate the interview process to help find the best participants for the company. 

All C2C participants take part in comprehensive pre-internship training. The training helps them learn valuable skills related to workplace communication, presentation, professionalism, teamwork and business ethics, so they are ready for the workplace environment on day one.

C2C employers provide important work experiences that broaden horizons, connect young adults to successful mentors, and open up the world of work as no other experience can. 

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Life Sciences Summer Institute (LSSI)

LSSI employers nourish a passion for science and math by connecting high school students and science teachers to San Diego’s Life Sciences industry sector. Through the LSSI program, Life Sciences employers hire a high school student for a seven-week-long paid research internship at their company, exposing the student to real-life science practices and mentorship with a scientist.

Prior to beginning their internships, all LSSI students are required to complete a weeklong “Boot Camp” that covers topics such as biotechnology laboratory skills, safety practices and soft skills (work readiness). The Boot Camp trains the LSSI students in the skills needed to work in the Life Sciences industry sector so they are ready for the workplace from day one.

To connect with LSSI to provide a summer internship, contact Erika Arangure, Project Coordinator, at

Our WIOA providers

Through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), SDWP funds youth programs that provide work-readiness training to youth ages 14–24 from low-income households as well as youth who are at risk of dropping out of school. The goal is to prepare youth for high school graduation, post-secondary education and, ultimately, a career. These programs are operated by our funded partners, which include educational institutions and public, private and nonprofit agencies. Contact funded partners directly for specific eligibility criteria and details about services provided.